Why Gabriel Ended His Relationship With Claudia Valdez?


In the first episode of Variety’s docuseries My Comedy Journey, Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy, recaps his 25-year career. Fluffy has had tremendous success in the comedy profession, becoming one of the world’s most-known comedians. Iglesias has been in various Comedy Central and Netflix specials.

Fluffy taped his next Netflix special, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles, at Dodger Stadium, which had never previously hosted a comedian.

Gabriel’s jokes frequently reference his personal life. Iglesias, on the other hand, excludes his love life from his performances, preferring to draw humor from other sources, such as his family. This article examines Gabriel’s split with Claudia Valdez.

Gabriel ended his relationship with Claudia Valdez because he was suffering from depression and drunkenness.

Gabriel and Valdez were first seen together in 2008, according to The Sun. They began a long-term private relationship that will terminate in the middle of 2020.

The specifics of Gabriel and Claudia’s breakup are unknown, but we assume Fluffy’s battle with melancholy and drinking played a role.

Gabriel revealed in June 2020 that his life had fallen apart due to the burden of managing his career and family. As a result, Gabriel ended his relationship with Claudia. “I switched to survival mode,” Gabriel explained.

Claudia Valdez, Russel Peters, and Gabriel Iglesias at the Laugh... News  Photo - Getty Images

Iglesias claims that being unmarried has allowed him to focus on his career, son, and pets. “I feel like I have everything I’ve ever desired.”

Fluffy’s son, Frankie, is not biologically connected to him; he is Claudia’s son from a prior relationship. Despite his divorce from Claudia, Iglesias maintained a strong friendship with Frankie.

Gabriel told Billboard that he wished he had spent more time with Frankie as he grew up. He decided to postpone several of his 2017 gigs in order to spend more time with his family. Gabriel told the media about his conversation with Claudia’s son:

“(I replied), ‘I’m sorry for all the years I’ve missed birthdays, years I’ve missed Christmas, years I’ve been away.'” I should have done better and been more involved.’ And he was fantastic. He held me and whispered, ‘It’s all right.'”

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