Spy x Family Episode 17 Release Date, Spoiler, and Recap!


Spy X Family Episode 17 is the episode that everyone has been waiting for. The previous episode focused on making stew and learning how to cook. Yor discovered that Loid had spent the entire day in the restroom after devouring the breakfast she had prepared.

As a result, she went to her coworker’s house to learn how to make stew. But it’s time for her to get back to work. A new project is coming her way, and she will need to buckle down to manage it. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the new episode.

Yor’s next mission will be revealed in the following storyline. Aside from that, we’ll find out what happened to Franky. His attempt to impress the lady he liked was futile. As a result, Loid had to cheer him up for the final!

Spy x Family Episode 17 Release Date

The release date for Spy x Family Episode 17 is Saturday, October 29. The episode will air at 11:00 p.m. JST in Japan.

Crunchyr0ll is simulcasting the series for international viewers. The episode will be available with English subtitles an hour and a half after it airs in Japan. That would be at the following times in the United States:

11:30 a.m. ET

10:30 a.m. CT

8:30 a.m. PT

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Spy x Family Episode 17 Spoiler

The next episode of SXF is titled “Carry Out The Griffin Plan, Fullmetal Lady, and Omelet Rice.” The titles indicate that each of the three family members will have their own storylines. Yor hasn’t been seen in action in a long time. For many episodes, she has been running errands and doing chores for the family.

And now is the time for her to enter the Fullmetal Lady of action mode. In Spy X Family Episode 17, a new case is bound to come her way. This is when we’ll get to see the badass Yor again. Loid and Anya, on the other hand, will be concerned with schoolwork.

Loid will return home after meeting with Franky to discover that Anya is not performing well at school. As a result, he intends to handle everything on his own!

Spy x Family Episode 17 Release Date & Time on Crunchyroll

Spy x Family Episode 16 Recap

Loid notices Yor arriving home later than usual. Meanwhile, Yor is secretly learning to cook at Camilla’s house. They attempt to make minestrone, but Yor has failed to prepare all of the ingredients. Camilla tells her to give up, despite Yor’s pleas to try again.

They serve as taste testers alongside Yuri and Dominic. Yuri tries it first and vomits, despite insisting that the dish is delicious. Camilla and Dominic, on the other hand, couldn’t stand the taste. Yor’s subsequent attempt also fails.

Camilla recalls Yor and Yuri growing up without parents. She inquires if they recall anything about their mother’s cooking. They succeed in remaking a stew dish from Yor and Yuri’s childhood.

Your offers to cook dinner after returning home, much to the surprise of Loid and Anya. She reveals that she has been learning to cook and then serves the stew to them. Yor is pleased because Loid and Anya enjoy the food.

Franky wishes to ask a woman out and seeks dating advice. Lord didn’t want to help, but when Franky offered to build a better recording device, Loid offered his expertise. He created flowcharts and even pretended to be Franky’s crush.

On another occasion, the Forgers happen to run into Franky while out for a walk. Loid inquires about the date, and Franky responds that the woman told him they could go out another time. Franky then goes to a bar to drink his rejection away, and Loid joins him.

Spy x Family Episode 17: What Can We Expect?

For several episodes now, Anya has been attempting to get closer to Damian. The girl realizes that befriending the boy is the quickest way for her father to complete her mission. Because of her past as a lab experiment, Anya isn’t the best at making friends. As a result, she is at a loss as to how to approach the second son without causing a misunderstanding.

When the small Esper is paired with the youngest Desmond son to work on an arts and crafts project in Spy X Family episode 17, Anya will have the opportunity to become Damian’s friend. Damian wants the finished product to be flawless because he believes it will finally make his father proud.

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A Quick Look at the Preview Trailer

The three different segments of the upcoming Spy x Family episode 17 are set to have three different titles: ‘Carry Out the Griffin Plan,’ ‘Fullmetal Lady,’ and ‘Omelette Rice.’

The preview trailer begins with Loid discussing a WISE-based plan with a woman with blond hair on a rainy park bench, looking concerned.

The scene shifts to Damian taking a phone call from his family home, looking slightly embarrassed as he smiles down, though his expression appears to darken.

We then see Becky laughing at what appears to be a photograph she is holding, while Anya is stunned and begins to sweat profusely.

The preview trailer concludes with a handkerchief with some doodles drawn on it, followed by Master Henderson looking extremely angry/shocked and shouting something – most likely at Anya and Becky.

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