Who is Hannah Stocking Dating in 2022? All About Her Boyfriend


Hannah Stocking rapidly became one of the most well-known internet personalities after becoming popular on the video platform Vine! Hannah garnered more than 7.8 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views on YouTube after leaving Vine.

Hannah Stocking is gracious in allowing fans inside her personal life with her daily vlogs, which include various clips of her love partners over the years! We’ll look at Hannah Stocking’s relationships and flings, from basketball star Kyrie Irving to alleged child groomer Ondreaz Lopez!

Is Hannah Stocking dating Rudy Gobert?

Hannah Stocking swiftly moved on with Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert after breaking up with fellow YouTuber Ondreaz Lopez. Fans became skeptical after seeing Rudy in one of Hannah’s Instagram stories.

Hannah also took a selfie in front of the mirror while wearing an enormous France Basketball grey jersey. Now here’s the deal. Rudy is a basketball player from France. Any ideas on whose jersey she’s wearing?

Rudy Gobert Is Reportedly Hanging Out With Klay Thompson's Ex-GF Hannah  Stockings In Utah - Fadeaway World

While the couple has yet to be photographed together, Hannah never fails to demonstrate her support for her boyfriend’s antics. Last October, she tweeted a photo of her perspective on the Utah Jazz’s preseason game.

Fans can only hope that this one will work out eventually, given Hannah’s shockingly extensive history of basketball athlete ex-boyfriends!

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What Caused Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez’s Divorce?

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez were first linked after they filmed multiple TikTok videos together, sparking the “nearly kiss” fad by stopping the movies when they were almost kissing.

While many were certain that the couple was in a relationship, it took them several months to confirm their relationship by revealing matching tattoos. Hannah and Ondreaz later appeared regularly in each other’s content, displaying a slew of PDAs.

Ondreaz proposed to Hannah in Times Square some months after they began dating, getting down on one knee with a sign that read “Will you marry me?”

Unfortunately, after multiple reports that Ondreaz had sexual contact with a 14-year-old, their relationship began to fall apart in early 2021.

While Ondreaz declined to comment on the matter, many other internet personalities, including his girlfriend, unfollowed him!

Hannah not only unfollowed Ondreaz, but she also erased all photos and videos of them together from her Instagram pages, indicating that they were done for good.

When Did Hannah Stocking and Twan Kuyper Meet?

Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons, and Twan Kuyper became the YouTube Golden Trio in 2016. They worked together and frequently appeared in one other’s videos.

While fans appreciate their close friendship, others have begun to ship Hannah and Twan due to the pair’s fantastic chemistry.

Furthermore, Hannah and Twan occasionally took too affectionate photos, leading admirers to believe they were dating!

Twan Kuyper Dating, Relationships, Net Worth, Wiki-Bio,

Unfortunately, the couple appeared to momentarily separate in 2017, as evidenced by their absence from each other’s accounts.

Hannah and Twan looked to reconcile in 2019 after Hannah uploaded a photo of herself sitting on Twan’s lap.

“Do we need matching tats?” She penned a letter.

The couple subsequently divorced, with Hannah marrying Ondreaz Lopez the following year.

Inside Hannah Stocking’s Dramatic Marriage to Klay Thompson

Hannah Stocking began seeing Klay Thompson after her brief relationship with Kyrie Irving ended in 2014. In comparison to her prior relationships, Hannah is far more public with Klay, attending the Kids’ Choice Sports 2015 red carpet together.

Their red carpet debut, however, did not ensure a happily ever after. Klay cheated on Hannah “with a groupie” a year after they started dating and shortly after they appeared arms-in-arm on the red carpet together, according to the Daily Mail.

Hannah deemed it a declaration of war, publicly humiliating Klay via her Twitter account.

Klay Thompson & Hannah Stocking // Kids' Choice Sports 2015 Orange Carpet  Arrivals - YouTube

She wrote, “When you catch ur man naked in bed with a groupie.”

Hannah later claimed that she had informed Klay that if “he kept bothering” her, she would expose his infidelity.

Klay Thompson chose to remain silent in the aftermath of the scandal, while Hannah eventually removed the tweets, most likely because Klay had learned his lesson!

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Hannah Stocking, Did You Date Kyrie Irving?

Hannah Stocking had a brief relationship with NBA player Kyrie Irving in 2014 when she was just starting out on YouTube.

Only four months before Hannah began dating Klay Thompson, the couple was caught on a night out in August.

Who is Hannah Stocking Dating? Her Boyfriend in 2022 - Creeto

Well, it appears that Kyrie is the first of many basketball athlete ex-boyfriends on Hannah’s list!

The Truth About Hannah Stocking and Adam Waheed’s Long-Term Relationship Rumor

Hannah Stocking has long been linked to comedian Adam Waheed, who appears in her TikTok videos. The two worked together to make amusing videos that showcased their humorous personalities and fun chemistry.

Dating a Manipulator | Science with Hannah Stocking - YouTube

While the rumors went down after Hannah’s relationship with her ex, Ondreaz Lopez, they resurfaced in full force when Hannah broke up, with many fans praying Hannah and Adam would finally get together!

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