Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date: When and Where to Watch Season 4?


The American superhero TV show Doom Patrol was created by Jeremy Carver. The show is based on the same-named DC Comics superhero team. The Doom Patrol is made up of Jane, Rita Farr, Vic Stone, Larry Trainor, Cliff Steele, and Chief. Even though Bowlby, Bomer, and Fraser play the same roles they did in Titans, the two shows take place in different timelines.

The first episode came out on the DC Universe streaming service on February 15, 2019. The second season was shown on both DC Universe and HBO Max. On June 25, 2020, both services released new episodes at the same time. On September 23, 2021, HBO Max was the only place where the third season could be seen. The show was picked up for a fourth season in October 2021, and it will start on December 8, 2022.

What is the Storyline of Season 4 of Doom Patrol?

Doom Patrol is about the unlikely heroes of the team’s name. They all got their superpowers because of bad things that happened to them, and most people don’t like them. In the first few seasons, fans saw each character come to terms with their unique powers and the bad things that happened in their pasts that led them to where they are now.

The show takes care to talk about each character’s psychological scars and how they affect them, but it also has its share of weirdness, and it looks like Season 4 will do the same. Television released an official summary of Season 4 before the Doom Patrol panel at New York Comic-Con 2022.

Time travel has been used as a plot point in a number of interesting shows, and having it as a plot point in a show like Doom Patrol has many benefits. First, since Cliff Steele/Robot-Man had been tested for years, a new era would give him a chance to find out more about the past.

Cast of Season 4 of Doom Patrol?

Many people are happy to hear that the whole cast will be back. Fans can expect to hear Brendan Fraser in his voice role and see Riley Shanahan as Robot-Man, April Bowlby as Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman, Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor/Negative Man, and Mattew Zuk in costume, Diane Guerrero as Kay Challis/Crazy Jane, and Joivan Wade as Cyborg.

Niles Caulder, played by Timothy Dalton, might not come back because the character died in Season 3. However, death has never really been a problem in the Doom Patrol world, so he might come back.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date

Elijah Rashad Reed will join the Doom world as a recurring character named Deric. Deric is a smart and civic-minded robotics teacher who gets pulled into Vic Stone’s life, which is very different from his own.

Sendhil Ramamurthy is another new addition to the cast. He will play the villain Mr. 104, who is described as a charming and interesting man who can change into any element he wants. This makes him a threat to any enemy he meets. Madeline Zima will play Casey Brinke/Space Case and will be a recurring member of the cast.

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Release Date of Season 4 of Doom Patrol

Season 4 of Doom Patrol will start in October 2021. The first part of Season 4 will start on December 8, 2022. The first two episodes will air at the same time. Up until January 5, 2023, a new episode will come out every week.

After that, the show will take a break until the end of the season, when the last six episodes will air.

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Check Out the Trailer for Season 4 of Doom Patrol

The trailer for Doom Patrol came out on October 9, 2022, and it shows more chaos and craziness than we could have imagined. The first trailer for the fourth season is, as usual, full of strange and funny things, so fans know they’re in for a wild ride.

The teaser shows a dark underground building where a top-secret government weapons program is hidden. The next experiment is very dangerous and involves killing a scientist by smashing them into a large glass window in a sealed, misty room. The threat turns out to be a group of singing butts walking on their hands to the song “Shipoopi” in a choreographed routine.

How Many Episodes Are in Season 4 of Doom Patrol?

Season 4 of Doom Patrol will have 12 episodes, which is more than Season 3. Each episode will be between 44 and 58 minutes long. Before the release date was announced, the episode names were made public.

  • Episode 1: “Hope Patrol
  • Episode 2: “Nostalgia Patrol
  • Episode 3: “Fame Patrol
  • Episode 4: “Youth Patrol,”
  • Episode 5: “Casey Patrol
  • Episode 6: “Butt Patrol
  • Episode 7: “Portal Patrol
  • Episode 8: “Orqwith Patrol
  • Episode 9: “Tomb Patrol
  • Episode 10: “Immortimas Patrol
  • Episode 11: “Done Patrol
  • Episode 12: “Doom Patrol

Recap of Doom Patrol Season 3

In the first episode of the third season, Dorothy fights the Candlemaker, which kills the Chief. However, the Chief’s spirit tells Cliff (Brendan Fraser) that the Chief can’t really move on until his body is burned.

As each member of the team deals with grief and continues to deal with their own problems, a new bad guy joins the fight. Madam Rouge comes to town in a time machine, but she can’t remember what she came to do.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Release Date

During the season, the Doom Patrol goes through a lot: they die, go to purgatory, escape hell with the help of the Dead Detective Boys, become zombies, eat the Chief’s brains as zombies to become human again, and that’s just the beginning. The show is a crazy, strange ride that stands out from other DC shows.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of Doom Patrol?

Season 4 will only be available to stream on HBO Max starting December 8, just like Season 3. Season 1 of Doom Patrol ended in May 2019 on the streaming service DC Universe, which is no longer available.

The second season started in June 2020 and ran until August at same time on both HBO Max and DC Universe. Starting with the third season, which started in September 2021 and ended in November 2021, Doom Patrol was only available on HBO Max.

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