Into the Night Season 3: Will It Be Renewed or Canceled?


The 2015 Polish science fiction novel The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj was the inspiration for the Belgian apocalyptic sci-fi drama thriller streaming TV show Into the Night, which was made by Jason George. The first episode of the show aired on Netflix on May 1, 2020.

It is the first Belgian show made by Netflix. Netflix has picked up the show for a second season, which will start on July 1, 2020. The second season started on September 8, 2021. On April 20, 2022, Yakamoz S-245, a spin-off in Turkish about a submarine, came out.

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What is Into the Night All About?

In the first season, a group of people is on a red-eye flight from Brussels when their plane is taken over. Terenzio is an Italian NATO soldier who took over the plane. He forces his way onto the commercial plane and tells the pilot that he wants to leave right away.

Few people in the plane are now among the few people left alive after a deadly global event caused by sunlight. The plane heads west to try to get away from this disaster, which kills all living things during the day. The group must work together to keep the sun behind them.

Mathieu, the pilot, and Sylvie, a passenger, are in charge. In their rush to get to an underground military bunker, the group has to deal with a lack of fuel, irradiated food, hidden plans, and other problems.

In the second season, the people who are still alive make sure they can get to a NATO bunker, where they can hide from the sun’s dangerous rays. As they continue to try to stay alive with the military members in the bunker, they try to deal with a growing conflict and find a way to get more supplies.

Release Date of Into the Night

We don’t know for sure when Into The Night will come back for the third season. The people who make the show haven’t said if it will be back or not. Showrunners have left the fams clueless. Since there is no news about the most recent season, it is impossible to guess when season 3 will come out.

What Could Be the Into the Night Season 3?

The first season of the show tells the story of a NATO Officer who took over a plane. He shoots the plane’s co-pilot in the hand and tells him to fly the plane west. At the end of season 1, Terenzio, a NATO officer, was taken into custody.

Into the Night Season 3

In the second season, survivors are seen fighting for their lives and deciding to hide from the sun’s harmful rays in a NATO bunker. Since we don’t know when the show will be back for season 3, we can’t guess what will happen in season 3.

Recap of Into the Night Season 2

Fans are waiting for season 3 of Into The Night, so let’s see how the second season ended before we watch the third season. As we saw, the people left on the plane are doing their best to stay alive. In the meantime, they find a way to the NATO bunker to get out of the sun’s deadly rays and figure out how to get the things they need to stay alive. Sylvie and the other people will also try to figure out how to get the plane out of the bunker.

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Cast of Into the Night Season 3

Pauline Etienne plays former pilot Sylvie Bridgette Dubois, and Laurent Capelluto plays Mathieu in the major role. Daniel Douek, an airline co-pilot, Ksawery Szlenkier as mechanic Jakub Kieslowski Zara Oblonskaya was portrayed by Regina Bikkinina, Osman Azizi by Nabil Mallat, Dominik Oblonsky by Nicolas Alechine, Caption Markus Müller by Dennis Mojen, a Turkish man by Mehmet Kurtulus, and Gabrielle Renoir, a combat referee, by Astrid Whettnall.

Although the main parts from seasons 1 and 2 are anticipated to appear in season 3, there are no updates and no way to anticipate the cast of season 2. The audience must wait until a formal announcement is made by the show’s creator.

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Is There Any Trailer for Into the Night Season 3?

Sadly, there has been no definite comeback, thus there is no new trailer. As far as we know, filming hasn’t even begun, thus it appears to take some time. But keep an eye on this space because we’ll let you know as soon as we have any new information.

Ratings of Into the Night Season 2

I can reassure you that the series is pretty decent if you haven’t watched it before and are unsure about its caliber. IMDb gives the show a good score of 7.1/10, and the average audience rating on Rottentomato is 70%. I would highly recommend this show. Check out what reviewers before you had to say about it if you’re still unsure about watching it.

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Where Can I Watch Into the Night Online?

There are many online platforms, some of which are free, and we like to spend our free time browsing them because they add to our amusement. They are life savers because they offer endless enjoyment across all genres. Since Into The Night is a Netflix original, it can only be viewed on Netflix.

Into the Night Season 3

Netflix subscribers can simply watch thriller drama series, but non-subscribers must first purchase a plan, which is also readily available.


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