Mythic Quest Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And Everything You Need to Know!


Mythic Quest is an American comedy streaming show made by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob McElhenney for Apple TV+. Its first season was called Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet. The first episode of the show came out on February 7, 2020.

It’s about a made-up video game company that makes a popular MMORPG called Mythic Quest. The show was picked up for a second season by Apple TV+ on January 18, 2020, before the first season even started. On May 22, 2020, a special episode called “Quarantine” came out.

The second special episode, “Everlight,” came out on April 16, 2021, before the start of season two. On May 7, 2021, the second season began. The show was picked up for a third and fourth season in October 2021. The first episode of the third season is set to air on November 11, 2022.

Release Date of Mythic Quest Season 3

The third season of Mythic Quest will start on November 11. On Twitter, Apple TV said that this was true. Apple TV Plus said in October 2021 that the hit TV show would be back for a third and fourth season.

McElhenney told people about the upcoming season through social media. He made a FaceTime parody, which is probably the most McElhenney thing he could do. In a clip that was posted on Instagram, the actor calls the famous actor Anthony Hopkins to tell him the good news about Mythic Quest.

As we said above, there is no set date for when the next part of the comedy will come out. But Apple wrote, “this fall” in the description of the season 3 teaser that was posted on YouTube in July.

What Will Happen in the Third Season of Mythic Quest?

It is very obvious that the tale will continue where the last season left off in Mythic Quest season 3. We witnessed a permanent change in Mythic Quest towards the end of season 2. Ian and Poppy made the decision to quit their job and launch a new game. You ask, what game? They intend to create Hera, Poppy’s unsuccessful Mythic Quest expansion, as a new asset, creating competition with their prior game.

Nicdao discussed what to anticipate from her character in the upcoming season in an interview with Forbes after she and Ian parted ways with Mythic Quest and moved on to other fulfilling endeavors.

Mythic Quest Season 3

In addition to Ian and Poppy’s new journey, there are still a number of other MQ team tales that need to be wrapped up and may emerge in the upcoming season. Rachel is traveling to Berkeley to pursue her writing goals, while Dana is on her way to learn programming under a GQ contract. So it goes without saying that the forthcoming season will feature a fresh long-distance relationship.

Brad, who was also detained for insider trading during the previous season, returned but now works as a janitor, as the teaser above demonstrated. However, given that this is Brad, he probably won’t be holding a mop for very long.

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Mythic Quest Season 3 Cast

The creative team Ian and Poppy, which consists of Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao, will return. Similar to this, David Hornsby will reprise his role as executive producer for Mythic Quest David Brittlesbee, and Jessie Ennis will join him as his recently reunited assistant Jo.

Imani Hakim will play Dana, while Ashly Burch will play Rachel, who is Dana’s girlfriend. And Danny Pudi, who plays the cunning head of monetization Brad Bakshi, is obviously necessary for the existence of Mythic Quest.

Here is the cast for Mythic Quest season 3:

  • Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi
  • Jessie Ennis as Jo
  • Imani Hakim as Dana
  • Rob McElhenney as Ian Grimm
  • Charlotte Nicdao as Poppy Li
  • Ashly Burch as Rachel,
  • David Hornsby as David Brittlesbee

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Mythic Quest Season 3 Trailer

Apple has released the first full trailer for the third season of its comedy show “Mythic Quest.” The trailer shows Rob McElhenney’s character Ian and Charlotte Nicdao’s character Poppy running GrimPop Studios and hints that their new company will compete with their old one.

“Joe Manganiello? No one will believe that he could trick me. “He’s too small!” Ian yells out in the trailer when he hears that the big actor (playing himself) has been hired to use motion capture to play the egotistical developer. Watch the Trailer Below.

How Many Episodes Does Mythic Quest Season 3 Include?

This series is said to have 10 episodes that last between 24 and 37 minutes each. A new episode of the show is expected to start every week. The first two episodes of the season will air on Friday, November 11. After that, a new episode will air every week until January 6, 2023.

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Production And Casting Details

McElhenney was invited to Ubisoft Montreal to talk about the project. At first, he wasn’t sure, but as he walked around the studio, he saw the show’s potential. Since then, Ubisoft has helped make the video game characters and the game world, and it has also given the show other art assets.

Mythic Quest Season 3

Ubisoft also gave the writers information about how video games are made so that they stayed true to how the industry works. Apple picked up the show for a third and fourth season on October 21, 2021.

Along with the first news about the show, it was also confirmed that Rob McElhenney would be in it. On February 1, 2019, it was announced that F. Murray Abraham, Imani Hakim, David Hornsby, Danny Pudi, Ashly Burch, Charlotte Nicdao, and Jessie Ennis had joined the cast of the show. In April 2021, the special “Everlight” will have Anthony Hopkins as the narrator.

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