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The Royals is an American soap opera that first aired on E! on March 15, 2015, during prime time. It is the first scripted show on the network. It was made by Mark Schwahn and stars Elizabeth Hurley. The show started out as a loose adaptation of the 2011 novel Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray.

E! picked up a third season of The Royals on January 5, 2016, two months before the second season began. On February 16, 2017, E! gave the show a fourth season. The fourth season started on March 11, 2018. In August 2018, after four seasons, E! decided to end the show.

Lionsgate Television was also trying to sell the show to other networks, and sister network Pop was talking about picking it up. However, on September 24, Lionsgate Television couldn’t find a new home for the show, so it was officially canceled.

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What is “The Royals” All About?

The story of The Royals is really nice. It’s about a royal family that has lost the person who will take over the throne. In the series, there is a lot of politics, and the younger brother or sister has trouble getting used to the new rules. On the other hand, the queen has been trying to take the throne by herself.

Release Date of The Royals Season 5

The life of the British royal family has been shown in the first four seasons of “The Royals.” Fans have enjoyed how all four seasons have turned out. This show is supposed to be over after Season 4, but the creators could change their minds.

The main British family’s story will continue in Season 5, but Season 5 isn’t possible right now. So, until that is a possibility, the creators of The Royals have said that season 4 is the end of the story.

What Could Be the Plot of the Royals Season 5?

As someone who has watched this show since it first started, I will always remember season 4, which was the last one. In the last episode of the fourth season, Robert was named King of England, Jasper and Eleanor said they were going to get married, Violet and Cyrus had an unplanned sexual encounter, and Kathryn and Liam said they were going to have a baby.

The Royals Season 5 Release Date

At first, Helena was the queen of a made-up modern royal family from Britain. She had to deal with the normal, silly fights that happen in families while also being in the spotlight. In the fifth season of Royals, the twins were a part of her family. Queen Helena joins forces with Simon’s brother Cyrus to protect her daughter and the rest of her family.

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Who Will Be in the Cast of the Royals Season 5?

Most likely, the same actors and actresses will be in season five of The Royals as in seasons one through four, but no one knows who will play the main roles yet. We don’t know much about the fifth season of “The Royals,” but there is one big star. The 5th season of The Royals will also show the cast getting older. Casts Are the following:

The Royals Season 5 Release Date

  • Vincent Regan as King Simon Henstridge
  • Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena Henstridge
  • William Moseley as Prince Liam Henstridge
  • Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor Henstridge
  • Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus Henstridge
  • Tom Austen as Sir Jasper Frost
  • Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
  • Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
  • Max Brown King  as Robert Henstridge

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Is There Any Trailer for Season 5 of the Royals?

The best thing to do would not be to wait for a trailer for season 5 of this show, since season 5 has been cancelled and it has been said that season 4 is the end of the story.

If the creators decide to make a season 5 after the official end of the series, we might see a trailer for it a few days before the new season comes out. Until then, you can watch the season 4 trailer:

Ratings of The Royals Season 4

The fourth season of The Royals has an average of 401,000 viewers in the 18–49 age group and a 0.16 rating. That’s 30% and 25% less than in season three, respectively. Find out how The Royals compares to other scripted shows on E!

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