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When Zombies 3 was announced, Disney referred to it as the “third and final installment,” and while an animated series is in the works, this could be the end for Zeddison.

The threequel does end definitively, rather than with a cliffhanger, but that doesn’t always rule out a return. So, is Zombies 4 a possibility? Let us delve into the third film’s events and speculate on the future.

Zombies 4 Ending Explained

With Seabrook serving as a safe haven for all, Zed’s major ambition at the start of Zombies 3 is to become the first zombie to attend Mountain College, paving the way for all other monsters to do the same.

This plot is disrupted by the arrival of aliens in Seabrook who are looking for the path to their “ideal new home,” Utopia, after the destruction of their home planet. It’s hidden within Seabrook’s “most precious item,” and it was left by a scout who crash-landed there decades ago.

Zombies 4 Release Date

Zed and Addison assist the aliens in locating the coordinates in exchange for their assistance with Zed’s exceptional student application for college. They repair the message left by the scout, who turns out to be Addison’s grandmother Angie.

But Zombies 3 isn’t going out on a low note. The aliens are about to leave for Utopia on the day of Seabrook High’s graduation when they begin to wonder why Angie had made it so difficult for them to find the “most valuable item” in Seabrook.

What is the Expected Release Date of Zombies 4?

Disney has not yet given the franchise’s future a green light, but it should be noted that they have not denied anything either. However, one of the key performers, Milo Manheim, stated in an interview that Zombie 3 does a fantastic job of closing up the franchise’s plot.

Despite this, the actor remains optimistic about Zombies 4, stating that the destiny of a future film is dependent on how well the third film is received. So, we assume a new picture will be released only when Disney confirms that the third film was a huge success in terms of viewership counts.

We’ll presumably find out if the third picture is a hit in a few weeks, and if the film is renewed for another sequel, fans will be overjoyed.

Given that the previous films were released every two years, the release date for Zombies 4 would be 2024. The first film came out in February 2018, the second in April 2020, and the third in July 2022. Following these dates, the fourth film will most likely be released in September or November 2024.

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Cast and Characters of Zombies 4

The following are the Zombies cast members and their characters:

Milo Manheim portrays Zed, Meg Donnelly portrays Addison, Trevor Tordjman portrays Bucky, and Kylee Russell portrays Eliza. Bree is played by Carla Jeffery.

Willa is played by Chandler Kinney, Wyatt is played by Pearce Joza, Wynter is played by Baby Ariel, Terry Hu is A-Spen, A-Lan is played by Matt Cornett, and A-Li is played by Kyra Tantao.

Zombies 4 Release Date

Kingston Foster as Zoey, James Godfrey as Bonzo, and RuPaul as the Mothership’s voice Emilia McCarthy in the role of Lacey, Noah Zulfikar in the role of Jacey, Jasmine Renée Thomas in the role of Stacey, Naomi Snieckus in the role of Principal Lee, Paul Hopkins in the role of Dale, Marie Ward in the role of Missy, Sheila McCarthy in the role of Angie, Jonathan Langdon in the role of Coach, and Tony Nappo in the role of Zevon.

If we talk about the Zombies cast, we must mention Manheim and Donnelly’s characters. Manheim portrays Zed Necrodopolis, a zombie and member of the Seabrook High School football squad.

The Plot: Expected Storyline of Zombies 4

Nothing has been confirmed about the franchise’s future as of yet, although it’s worth recalling that Zombies 3 was previously touted as “the third and final instalment” when it was first unveiled back in March 2021.

However, star Milo Manheim has stated a desire to continue the franchise if fans support it, so it may not be the end.

We cannot forecast any form of plot at this moment. However, if the series is renewed, we expect it to continue with the third film.

Is There Any Official Trailer of Zombies 4?

There is no Zombie 4 trailer available. You can see the zombie 3 trailer until then.

Final Words

Aliens appeared in the third film, putting Addison and Zed‘s relationship to the test. Of course, their love endured till the end, even when Addison realized her true identity and flirted with leaving Earth for good. This film is really worth seeing.

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