Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date Speculation, Cast, Plot and More Updates!


Moon Knight is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular TV shows to date, and it’s also one that hasn’t been confirmed to return in the rest of the Multiverse Saga, but the series must get a second season, owing to the Jake Lockley tease.

What we know about Moon Knight Season 2 is currently available. Stay with us till the end.

Quick Facts About Moon Knight Season 2

Name Moon Knight Season 2 
Available on  Disney
Based on Marvel Comics
Genre Action-adventure, Fantasy, Psychological, Horror, Superhero 
Moon Knight Season 2  Release Date  Yet to be Confirmed

Moon Knight Season 1 Ending Explained

Layla becomes a full-fledged superhero in the conclusion, courtesy to Taweret. The deity contacts Layla and informs her that Marc and Steven are attempting to return from the dead, but Layla is hesitant to serve as her avatar in the struggle against Ammit.

She eventually accepts, but only for a short while. The hippo deity provides her with a rather fantastic winged garment.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date

Steven went overboard in the Duat during a confrontation with the unstable spirits in Moon Knight episode 5. The dunes had seized him and he appeared to be stuck in time. But, in the end, Marc rejects the Field of Reeds’ bliss and returns to his previous ego.

Marc tells Steven in a touching speech, “From the moment you arrived, way back then… You saved me. I survived because I knew I wasn’t alone.” The gates back to the living world then open just as Marc is frozen by the sands, and both personalities thaw – and manage to escape the Duat together, thanks to Taweret.

What is the Expected Release Date of Moon Knight Season?

Moon Knight Season 2 has no release date because it has yet to be greenlit; nevertheless, it would be reasonable to expect a second season to debut sometime in 2025.

The MCU’s Phase Five is all planned out, so if it’s going to fit in anywhere, it’ll be one of the vacant spots between Fantastic Four, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Secret Wars.

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Cast: Who May Return in Moon Knight Season 2?

We may expect the following cast members to appear in Moon Knight Season 2:

  • Khonshu is played by F Murray Abraham.
  • Arthur Harrow is played by Ethan Hawke.
  • Oscar Isaac in the roles of Steven Grant, Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, and Moon Knight.
  • Layla El-Faouly is played by May Calamawy.

Season 1 didn’t end well for Hawke’s antagonist, but there’s still hope for him to return.

The Plot: What Can We Expect With Moon Knight Season 2?

There is currently no official plot synopsis for Moon Knight Season 2 because it has not been confirmed.

Jeremy Slater, the show’s lead writer, stated that “Marc and Steven are still completely unaware of [Jake’s] existence.” We don’t know if he’s any good. Is he a bad guy? He’s obviously working for Khonshu.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date

We know he has some sort of plan. And we know he clearly agrees with Khonshu‘s viewpoint on punishing evildoers.

“Everything is for the greater benefit.” But will he become a friend? Is he an adversary? All of them are intriguing questions for whoever takes the reins. That’s an intriguing promise for whoever gets to tell the next Moon Knight narrative, whether it’s myself or someone else. This man’s story is far from over.”

Layla also volunteered to briefly serve as Taweret’s avatar, at which moment she transforms into her own superhero, the Scarlet Scarab. If Season 2 is made, she will most certainly play a significant role.

Is There Any Official Trailer of Moon Knight Season 2?

There is currently no trailer for Moon Knight Season 2. You can watch the Moon Knight Season 1 trailer until then.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Moon Knight’s IMDB Ratings?

Moon Knight has a 7.3/10 rating on IMDB.

Is Moon Knight an Avenger?

In the comics, Moon Knight has Avengers connections, but they don’t exactly embrace the idea of him joining the team.

Was Moon Knight a Hit?

Moon Knight Maintains High Marvel Viewership. These viewership figures demonstrate how many people were invested in Moon Knight’s run, especially given how those figures grew with each new episode and addition to Marc Spector’s adventure.

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