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David Weil produced the American conspiracy drama streaming television series Hunters. The second season of the show is set to premiere next year.

As the show has garnered popularity and a committed fan base globally, people are wondering if this is the final time they will watch it or if Prime Video will renew it for subsequent seasons. As a result, it is reasonable to inquire about the franchise’s status.

If you’re curious about the next chapter of Hunters, you’ve come to the right spot, as we’ve compiled all of the most important and up-to-date information regarding the show’s future plans. Here’s what we know about Hunters Season 2.

Brief Information About Hunters Season 2

Name Hunters Season 2 
Available on  Amazon’s Prime Video
Written By David Weil
Genre Conspiracy thriller, Crime drama
Hunters Season 2 Release Date  January 13, 2023

Hunters Season 1 Ending Explained

The Hunters season 1 ends on a cliffhanger, which throws up a slew of possibilities for season 2 and beyond. Hunters season 1 is co-produced by Jordan Peele and revolves around a Nazi threat to America that has some reality to it.

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

Given the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the Amazon series has sparked debate since its February 2020 debut. The blending of facts and fiction builds to a Hunters season 1 finale that wisely (and conveniently) incorporates a real-life Nazi leader.

Meyer admits in the Hunters season 1 finale that he is not Jonah’s grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, but rather a high-ranking Nazi who spent the previous 30 years in America under an assumed identity.

Finally, Jonah decides to murder Meyer, resolving the main character conflict in Hunters season 1 and establishing Lerman’s character as the new leader.

Hunters Season 2 Expected Release Date

The second season of Prime Video’s Hunters has been announced as the series’ final season. The final season of the conspiracy drama will premiere on January 13, 2023, and will focus on the group’s efforts to find Adolf Hitler.


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Hunters Season 2 Cast and Crew: Who May Return in Next Season?

Hunters stars Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Jerrika Hinton, as well as Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvany, Tiffany Boone, Greg Austin, Louis Ozawa, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Dylan Baker, and Lena Olin.

In addition to Kier, Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh has joined Season 2, as have recurring characters Emily Rudd and Tommy Martinez.

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

David Weil conceived the show and also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Nikko Toscano, Jordan Peele, and Win Rosenfeld executive produce through their Monkeypaw Productions label. The pilot was directed and executive produced by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Nelson McCormick and David Ellender of Sonar Entertainment serve as executive producers. Amazon Studios, Monkeypaw, and Sonar collaborate on the production.

The Plot: What Could We Expect From Hunters Season 2?

Season 2 will centre on a worldwide hunt for Adolph Hitler, played by German actor Udo Kier, in an attempt to permanently eliminate him.

The Season 1 conclusion of Hunters revealed that, in the series’ alternate-history reality, the German dictator and his wife, Eva Braun (called the Colonel, played by Lena Olin), were still alive and well in South America. Furthermore, they were designing a Fourth Reich that would take root in America.

Season 2 will similarly begin in 1979 and will use multiple timelines; the one unfolding in the past will allow Al Pacino to return as Meyer Offerman aka The Wolf. David Weil, the series’ creator, told that he had felt frustrated throughout his childhood and Jewish heritage that Hitler had never been held accountable for his crimes against humanity. “

So Hunters, being a show about catharsis, Jewish strength, and wish fulfilment for Jewish kids like me who grew up yearning to regain power,” he explained, “I hope Season 2 will be that catharsis.”

Is There Any Official Trailer of Hunters Season 2?

There is currently no official trailer for. You may watch and enjoy the Season 1 trailer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Ratings for Hunters Season 1 on IMDB?

Hunters season 1 has a 5.4/10 rating on IMDB.

How Many Episodes Are There in the First Season of Hunters?

Hunters Season 1 consists of ten episodes.

Is There Going to Be a Third Season of Hunters?

Hunters, an alternate-history thriller, has been cancelled after two seasons on Prime Video. Season 1 debuted in 2020.

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