How Did Squidward Die and Why This Becomes a Popular Trend on Tiktok?

Spongebob is marketed as a fun show in which marine creatures live normal lives like us. However, the show informs viewers that behind the lighter comedy are true real-life crises and other conspiracy theories.

While most people identify with the fun-loving, always-happy Spongebob. Most of us, on the other hand, identify with the negative Squidward, who is a human-like character with flaws and expectations.

However, witnessing the trend “how did Squidward die” and the explanation behind it astounded me to my core. People are photographing their reactions after searching Google for “How Did Squidward Die?”

People are posting various reactions, some of which are amusing and others of which are frightening. Many people use this method to entertain themselves, but we find it unsettling to be shown in the form of a cartoon. Let’s take a closer look at this trend.

In Spongebob, How Did Squidward Die?

The first search result alleges that in a lost episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called ‘Squidward’s Suicide,’ also known as ‘Red Mist,’ the anthropomorphic octopus character is allegedly shown taking his own life with a shotgun.


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Squidward wishes to be a famous clarinettist and to live the life of a celebrity, complete with wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. But all he gets is a dull, unsatisfying job as a cashier at Krusty Krabs.

He also lives in self-pity and despair, owing to the fact that he has Spongebob as a neighbor, who is constantly joyful, unlike him. Overall, Squidward is a depressing character who is the most sensible and human-like of the bunch.

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“How Did Squidward Die?” Becomes a Popular Trend

Spongebob Squarepants, everyone’s favorite cartoon, is part of the current TikTok craze, but it isn’t a light-hearted humor ideal for children. The challenge is known as the “how did Squidward die?” fad. Creators are to record themselves before and after watching a YouTube video and submit it alongside Penelope Scott’s song, Rät.

How Did Squidward Die?

On the video streaming service, customers are directed to watch videos titled “Squidward’s Suicide Lost Episode” or “Red Mist.”

These are fan-created videos that depict Squiudward‘s daily life and how he went through extreme emotional pain before killing himself with a shotgun. They feature show segments with extra editing and unpleasant soundtrack.

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The Creepy Theory’s Origin

A Creepypasta is the theory behind the answer to the question of Squaidward’s death. Creepypastas are horror-themed legends that have spread across the Internet. The entries are frequently brief, user-generated paranormal stories meant to frighten readers.

The knowledge regarding Squidward‘s death comes from an anonymous user on an online forum, according to Creepypasta Files Wiki.

How Did Squidward Die?

The urban legend was reportedly told by a Nickelodeon intern who claimed to have watched an episode titled ‘Squidward’s Suicide,’ which ends with the fictional character committing suicide.

What Caused Squidward’s Death?

Squidward’s Suicide, also known as Red Mist, is a Creepypasta episode that was supposed to air as the season four premiere of Spongebob Squarepants. The anthropomorphic octopus character allegedly kills himself with a shotgun in the episode.

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What is Included in the Video?

The story in the video was given by a Nickelodeon intern who claimed to have seen the episode “Squidward’s Suicide.” The octopus in the episode he witnessed committed suicide.

The film was created to shock and traumatize viewers, as well as to completely influence those who participate in the TikTok fad. The second segment of the movie, which is supposed to illustrate users’ reactions after watching the film, is packed with terrified and perplexed expressions.

Nickelodeon provided no comments or ideas regarding the character’s death. Because the character was still alive until the last episode aired, it is reasonable to presume that everyone’s favorite furious octopus is still working at Krusty Krab and playing the clarinet in his spare time.

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