Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date: When Will We Get Another Season?


The French sitcom Weekend Family features kids and young adults in hilarious situations. Sophie Reine, Pierre-Francoid, and Martin-Laval are the show’s directing trio.

Critics were generally enthusiastic about the premiere of the first season on February 23, 2022. The show’s creators have already renewed it for a second season due to the enthusiastic reception the first received.

When will we be able to watch Season 2? What happens? Who would be available to reprise their roles? For more information, please keep reading.

Brief Information About Weekend Family Season 2

Name Weekend Family Season 2
Available on  Disney+
Written By Matt K. Turner
Directed By Benjamin Epps
Genre Comedy
Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date Yet to be confirmed

About Weekend Family Season 2

Fred, a single dad, looks after his two girls throughout the weekend. Weekend Family (or Week-End Family) is the title of the show. Fun is guaranteed for all thanks to Fred’s three kids, Clara, Victoire, and Romy, as well as the women in their lives and Fred’s romantic endeavors.

Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

Baptiste Filleul created the programme for young audiences, but anyone can enjoy it. The complexities of a happy, nontraditional family are well depicted in be show.

Fred’s connection with his daughters’ mothers works out well for everyone involved even if they live in different cities. The ladies will swoon over the leading man, but they have lives of their own to live.

Expected Release Date of Weekend Family Season 2

Weekend Family premiered in February 2022 and was quickly renewed for a second season five months later in August. Season 2 might then debut in 2023 if this is accurate.

It’s possible that the future season will have the same number of episodes as the first. Distribution of the show is handled by Disney’s Platform Distribution, and production is handled by Elephant International.

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Cast and Characters: Who May Return in Second Season?

Fred, played by Eric Judor, has three daughters: Clara (Judor), Victoire (Judor), and Romy (Judor). Actresses Leona Bordonaro and Midie Dreyfus portray the lead roles, Clara and Victoire, respectively (Roxane Barrazuol).

Laurence (Annelise Hesme), Marie-Ange (Jeanne Bournaud), and Helena (Annabel Lopez) are all friendly with Fred, but they are not romantically involved with him. Fred is seeing Emmanuelle (Daphnée Côté Halle), whose English name is Emma.

She pursued early training in child psychology and is currently completing her doctorate in France. Hafid F. Benamar takes on the role of Stan, while Séphora Pondi portrays Emma‘s best friend.

Weekend Family Season 2 Release Date

Many different persons have provided English dubs for the show. In this case, Jessie Hendricks voices Emma and Evan Arnold voices Fred for the English-speaking audience.

Their characters, Clara, Victoire, and Romy, are portrayed by Victoria Washington, Lily Sanfelippo, and Lily Sanfelippo, respectively. Laurence is the one who sounds like Robyn Cohen. Marie-Ange and Helena are played by Liza Seneca and Presciliana Esparolini.

The English dub features Matt Flynn as Stan. For the English dub, Aurelia Michael provides Cora’s voice. All of these performers (and their voice actors) would be welcome back for a second season if the show gets picked up.

The Plot: What We Could Be the Storyline of Weekend Family Season 2?

A lot of questions remain about Season 2 after the show was renewed this year. Nonetheless, Season 2 will pick off where Season 1 left off.

Following Fred, the charismatic patriarch of a multiethnic family, is the show’s central idea. He takes weekend custody of his three daughters—Clara, Victoire, and Romy—and tries his best to be a good father, despite his perennial joker status.

His three ex-wives, Laurence, Marie-Ange, and Helena, all had valid reasons to leave him despite the fact that their moms adore Fred. Fred’s best friend Stan and his moms are always nearby.

Fred’s life takes a turn for the better when he meets and falls in love with Emmanuelle, a Québécois lady residing in Paris who is pursuing a doctorate in child psychology. In order to get along with her new family, which includes Fred’s ex-partners, Emmanuelle must take time away from studying and theory every weekend.

Is There Any Official Trailer of Weekend Family Season 2?

The Season 2 trailer for Weekend Family has not yet been released. You can view the Season 1 trailer at this time:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the First Season of Weekend Family Rate on IMDB?

Season 1 of Weekend Family has received a 6.3/10 rating on IMDB.

Is Season 2 of Weekend Family in the Works?

Weekend Family, the first French original series on Disney+, has been renewed for a second season. The French version of “Weekend Family,” an original Disney production, has been renewed for a second season.

Is the French Version of Weekend Family?

The French comedy series Weekend Family (French: Week-End Family) is produced by Elephant International for the Walt Disney Company and airs on Disney’s streaming service, Disney Junior. On February 23, 2022, the series debuted on Disney+ in a few countries.

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