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The release date for Makeover By Monday Episode 6 is now available, and fans of the show can read this article for more information, including the episode’s release date and streaming information.

A Wisconsin couple’s do-it-yourself projects are featured on the programme. Jenni Yolo designs and paints various projects. She has over a decade of experience planning and executing do-it-yourself projects.

Yolo and her husband have been renovating homes and turning them into short-term lodging for the past six years. On Instagram, she has shared examples of her work and the processes she employs. She also owns a company called “I Spy DIY.”

A brand-new do-it-yourself contemporary home programme with a Milwaukee setting debuted in November on the Magnolia Network, a television channel owned by the well-known media figures Joanna & Chip Gaines.

Jennie Yolo, a Milwaukee-based home renovation architect, will participate in the “Makeover by Monday” initiative. In the episode of the show filmed in the Milwaukee area, Yolo and her team spend three days using Homemade techniques to renovate clients’ homes.

She continued by explaining that each instalment requires a visit to a local business. Jenni believes it is essential to draw attention to Milwaukee’s awesomeness, as well as the great inventors and interesting businesses that reside here.

Makeover By Monday Episode 5 Release Date

According to Yolo, the programme includes Farm Girl Art and Treasure, Great Land Vintage goods, Clinton Avenue Curiosities, and the Urban Wood Laboratory in the Milwaukee region.

Yolo designed activities for the class based on his passion for antiquing and method.

Makeover By Monday Episode 5 Release Date

The release date for Makeover By Monday Episode 6 is December 10, 2022, according to otakukart. Makeover By Monday Episode 6 will air on Magnolia Network at midnight in the United States. Fans in other countries can watch Makeover By Monday Episode 6 at approximately 10.30 p.m. IST, 5 p.m. GMT, and 1.30 p.m. NT.

Recap of Makeover by Monday

As we saw, Jenni Yolo transformed the dorm of her friends into a tropical getaway for the parents of four kids. Jenni changes the room using do-it-yourself methods like custom carpeting and a fake Danza.

Then, in a short time, Jenni embarks on a technical challenge to renovate her little sister’s drab double diner over the course of four days. In an effort to surprise her sister, Jenni makes some daring design decisions and occasionally veers off course.

A living room full of children’s clothing was also saved by her in three days, thanks to her daring design decisions and innovative storage ideas. Jenni also gets fantastic deals while shopping on a tight budget, which helps her save a tonne of money.

She also creates a sitting area for a couple who prefer to stay at home and have three grown children. She does this to give them the resources they need to host family and friends in a setting that respects their ethnic heritage.

All About Makeover By Monday

Every homeowner imagines hiring renowned remodelling experts to transform their challenging spaces into the homes of their dreams. However, the cost of significant changes is frequently high and far exceeds a limited budget.


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So it makes sense why so many people want to perform do-it-yourself home repairs. But starting from scratch with your ideal house could be difficult.

Jenni Yolo had a keen interest in DIY in the past. Her love of crafts as a child led her to frequently create ongoing activities like that. Because she was working at a gossip magazine and had limited funds, she moved to New York and began making more DIY items there.

She then spent $23,000 on her initial home. It is now known on Instagram as Sage Home despite being in a state of chaos. The worst house on the block, without a doubt.

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She then gave it a complete makeover over the course of four months, a difficult process in which she made every mistake imaginable in remodelling.

Makeover By Monday Episode 5 Release Date

Jenni nevertheless continued to fall in love with the procedure and realized she wanted to have it done once more. She decided to call it the “Sage Home” because, despite making mistakes along the way while attempting to reconstruct and manage a remodel, she learned a lot of old sage wisdom.

Where Can I Watch Episode 6 of Makeover by Monday?

Makeover By Monday, Episode 6 will be available on Amazon Prime or Discovery+ for international audiences. Amazon Prime’s basic plan costs about $12 per month, whereas Discovery+’s basic plan costs about $5 per month.

Trailer of Makeover By Monday

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