Who is Dylan Obrien Dating: Is He Dating Sabrina Carpenter, or It’s Just Rumouring?


Dylan O’Brien and Sabrina Carpenter were spotted in a New York bar in September 2022. The actor, known for The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf, is rumoured to be in a relationship with yet another woman who is significantly younger than him.

This time, it was Carpenter, an actress, singer, and songwriter. The gorgeous 23-year-old singer has been acting for over ten years. As a result, when the couple was spotted in public, various theories emerged.

Some believed they were dating, while others believed they were simply collaborating on a new project. O’Brien and Carpenter neither denied nor confirmed their rumoured relationship.

People had their own reasons for believing O’Brien and Carpenter are dating, as well as their own reasons for believing they are not.

Who is Dylan O’brien?

Actor Dylan Rhodes O’Brien is from the United States. Stiles Stilinski, who appeared in all six seasons of the MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf (2011–2017), was his first significant role.

Who is Dylan Obrien Dating

O’Brien was born in New York City, the son of camera operator Patrick O’Brien and Lisa (née Rhodes), a former actress who ran an acting studio.

Up until the age of twelve, he lived in Springfield Township, New Jersey, with his family before relocating to Hermosa Beach, California. His ancestors are Irish, Italian, English, and Spanish.

He thought about pursuing a career in sports broadcasting and possibly working for the New York Mets after graduating from Mira Costa High School in 2009.

Who is Dylan Obrien Dating?

The dating rumour began on September 11th, 2022, when someone sent a message to DeuxMoi, an Instagram account known for sharing celebrity gossip.

The message included a photo of them standing next to each other outside a New York City bar. They wore very casual outfits and appeared to be very comfortable, albeit stylish.

The image began to take over social media, and theories began to spread like wildfire. Some fans claimed to have witnessed O’Brien and Sabrina Carpenter kissing at the bar.

Some people supported and liked the relationship, believing that a new couple was on the way. However, given how frequently O’Brien is reported to be in a new relationship, particularly with a younger woman, some fans are perplexed.

After all, it could all be a hoax. If the rumour is true, O’Brien will be reprising his role in Taylor Swift’s music video All Too Well. He and Carpenter, like the controversial character, have a significant age difference.

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Despite the fact that both individuals are of legal drinking age, this has sparked some controversy.

Is Dylan O’Brien Dating Sabrina Carpenter, or It’s Just Rumouring?

Some, on the other hand, are sceptical of the rumour. Carpenter was in New York for fashion week, not to go on dates, according to fans. Another person commented on the circulating photo, saying that the girl does not resemble Carpenter at all.

Who is Dylan Obrien Dating

Fans wondered, “Where is the picture of them kissing?” assuming that was Carpenter in the picture and that she did go out on a date with O’Brien and kissed. It is simply not to be found.

According to the report, they are dating based on an anonymous tip. This is precisely why some people are sceptical that the rumour is true. There is no actual proof.

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