Who is Summer Walker Dating: Who is Summer Walker’s Ex-Partner?


Summer Marjani Walker is an American R&B singer. They signed with Love Renaissance and Interscope Records in 2017. The following year, they released the mixtape Last Day of Summer, which spawned the single “Girls Need Love,” which, after a remix featuring Drake, became their first top 40 entry on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Over It, Walker’s debut studio album was released in October 2019 and spawned the US top 20 single “Playing Games.” This article will tell you who Summer Walker is dating.

What Caused the Split Between Summer Walker and London on Da Track?

Many believed that Summer Walker’s sophomore album Still Over was about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend London, as the lyrics were heavily influenced by their on-and-off relationship.

On the album’s opening track ‘Bitter,’ she may have dissed her ex-lover because their relationship was frequently in the spotlight due to rumours of infidelity, and their breakup was followed by a messy aftermath and an online feud.

Who is Summer Walker Dating

Not to mention how Walker insulted her ex-lover in an Instagram Story post, in which she claimed London had warned her friends about her relationship with another man and called the entire situation sick.

Summer Walker previously disclosed that she knew her partner well and admitted that she wished she had paid more attention to the person with whom she procreated.

Summer further asserted that London was bothering her because she had moved on with Larry. The singer has moved on for good, but the ex-lovers frequently engage in social media feuds.

Who is Summer Walker’s Former Partner?

London On Da Track is Summer Walker’s ex-boyfriend. The former couple dated on and off for years before splitting in 2021. Summer Walker and London On Da Track first met in 2019.

Summer Walker recalled her first date and described it as enjoyable, going bowling, eating, shopping, and then hitting the strip club. Walker went on to say that she had never seen anyone throw so much money in her life.

As they left, the artist revealed how she fell in the club from being so drunk. Summer and London On Da Track celebrated a major milestone together when she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, in March 2021.

Who is Summer Walker Dating?

Walker announced in November 2020 that she and her then-boyfriend London on da Track were expecting their first child. In March 2021, their daughter was born.


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Months later, the couple called it quits. Walker announced on Instagram Live on June 25, 2022, that she and her current boyfriend were expecting their second child. Summer Walker is currently dating his London on da Track.

In 2021, the Couple Welcomed a Child!

In November 2021, the R&B singer announced her pregnancy with London. The artist confirmed the news by posting an Instagram photo of her pregnant belly.

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Summer Walker unleashed an angry tirade in which she called London On Da Track a “bum ass n****” and added that he is self-centred for not wanting to see his other children.

Take a look at the most recent song. She described her ex-boyfriend as the worst father on the planet and admitted that she cannot wait to be alone.

Who is Summer Walker Dating

The “Girls Need Love” hitmaker did explain that she drew strength from her 1-year-old daughter, stating that she found the world’s most perfect bundle of joy and that she wouldn’t change her past if she could.

Summer has frequently made shocking revelations while slamming ex-girlfriend London on social media, and she recently revealed that she threw away a Mother’s Day gift from her ex!

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