Who is B Simone Dating: How Was the B Simon’s Childhood?


B Simone and Invisalign appeared together on the television programme “You’re My Boyfriend,” so it is unclear if they are still dating. Since then, fans have inquired whether B Simone and Invisalign are still dating.

Continue reading to learn more about B Simone and Invisalign and whether they are still dating.

Who is B Simone?

Braelyn Simone, better known as B Simone, is an American rapper, comedian, and singer. She is a regular cast member on the MTV show Wild and Out.

She rose to prominence after sharing comedy shorts on Instagram. She hosted the show 106 & Park and starred as DC Young Fly in the Sundance film “*digitallivesmatter” (SIC). She then made an appearance on the comedy show “You’re My Boyfriend.”

How Was the B Simon’s Childhood?

If we try to answer in a single sentence, then yes, her early life was wonderful because she was building a career worth around $2 million and counting.

Who is B Simone Dating

The lovely B Simon was born on April 5, 1990, but is she really called B? No, it does not. Her full name is Braelyn Simone, but we are all aware of a worldwide trend of referring to people by a single letter of their name.

As a result, all of her fans, friends, and family refer to her as B Simone. She was born in Dallas, Texas, but as she grew older, she moved to a new city, Atlanta, Georgia. Let us now take a look at her parents.

Her mother is a housewife, and her father is a pastor. She is also somewhat private about her personal life. As a result, we don’t know much about her parents, but one thing is known: her sister’s name is Jordyn Simone.

As previously stated, she never lets anyone into her personal life, so she didn’t even mention her educational background. Nonetheless, her proclivity for business is evident in the media. DRake is also an inspiration for her.

She has also stated that she would prefer a businessman as her husband. She is also an entrepreneur in her own right. As a result, if anyone wants to be a part of her life, they must be an entrepreneur.

Are B Simone and Invisalign in a Relationship?

Professionally known as Invisalign, Darian Barnes appeared on “You’re My Boyfriend” with B Simone. His dating life has been kept very private, and he has neither flaunted nor discussed a relationship.


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He and B Simone are not romantically involved. According to our knowledge, both B Simone and Invisalign are currently single. He has not disclosed his relationship status. In 2019, they were only seen together while filming the show.

Who is Invisalign?

Darian Barnes, better known as Invisalign, is an American model and actor. He was born in July 1989, so he is 32 years old. He has kept his personal life private and has not revealed his family to the media.

He rose to prominence after appearing on the reality show “You’re My Boyfriend.” He also appeared on the FOX show Star. He has a successful modelling career as well as an Instagram account.

He has kept his dating life private, but he does post pictures of his daily activities on Instagram.

Who is B Simone Dating?

Presently in the year 2022 At this time, Simone does not have a boyfriend. She is not seeing anyone at this time.

B Chris Smith and Simone

B Simone first showed off Chris Smith in 2020. Fans were overjoyed when she first showed off because they had been rooting for her to find a good boyfriend for quite some time.

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Even though they kept their relationship private, the couple appeared to be very happy together. People were not surprised that they kept their celebrity relationships private because there has been a lot of speculation about them.

Who is B Simone Dating

The couple did not remain together, and B Simone announced their split in the middle of 2021. It was a simple post with the caption “single” showing her with a fresh face of makeup and curls. Fans have been extremely supportive of their split.

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