Who is Mattie Westbrouck Dating: Click Here to Know, His Previous Relationships!


Mattie Westbrouck is an online Influencer who rose to prominence while attending college. He is one of the Tik Tokers whose fans are close to him due to his generosity.

He is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and their cause. The celebrity has over nine million TikTok followers, and the number continues to rise daily. Tik Toker focuses primarily on comedic and point-of-view videos.

However, the influencer is not limited to a single platform, as the Tik Toker also has a YouTube channel with over 31,000 subscribers. Though the content is not identical to that of TikTok.

The videos uploaded to the YouTube channel are personal Vlogs and short-form videos. However, it may be more of a habit due to the habit of creating short content by making TikTok videos.

In 2018, Mattie Westbrouck graduated from high school, and in the same year, they made minor adjustments to their lifestyle. In 2018, the famous Tik Toker created his TikTok and YouTube accounts, but TikTok was his primary focus.

The YouTube channel was reserved for small content and short vlogs; however, in 2020, the online Video platform hosted a Q&A. Mattie’s content is lighthearted and aims to emphasize humour, despite the edgy nature of TikTok Influencers.


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This is why the Tik Toker’s influence and reach extended to so many. This is more of a theory, but their light-heartedness may be the reason for their success.

Tik Toker’s comedy videos would have aided many people during the 2020 pandemic, though exact numbers are unknown, and we can only speculate. However, given Westbrouck’s character, he would have attempted to improve the situation for everyone by providing entertainment.

Name Mattie Westbrouck
Age  21 years 
DOB 3 September 2000
Birthplace USA
Nationality American
Profession TikTok star, YouTube
Networth  $500,000 to $750,000

Mattie Westbrouck’s Previous Relationships

Mattie Westbrouck has a sizable fan base. This leaves many fans wondering who the Influencer is dating and what is going on in their personal life.

Though Westbrouck spends the majority of his time with the fans, the nature of their relationship has remained a mystery. And, given the mischief that ensued, the influencer was hesitant to share just yet.

But that’s not all; some relationships end prematurely, and announcing it to the world makes it awkward for the couple who decides to split up later.

Who is Mattie Westbrouck Dating

There is undoubtedly a risk in longing for the relationship even when they no longer have anything going on between them. Then there are those who spend time together and simply enjoy each other’s company before moving on to the next stage.

Something similar happened before Landon Barker and Charli D’Amelio came out and admitted to dating. Thoughts tend to run wild, and Mattie Westbrouck is no exception.

There was a time when people suspected Westbrouck and Camdyn Grey were having an affair. However, Tik Toker debunked it in a Q&A.

Who is Mattie Westbrouck Dating?

Mattie Westbrouck is dating Tik Toker Isabella Avila. He dated his high school sweetheart in the past, but they eventually broke up. Like Matt Avila, she earned a degree in STEM but discovered her calling as a TikTok influencer.

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On Valentine’s Day, the couple shared their relationship with their Instagram followers. His fans speculated for a long time about who he was dating.

It is understandable why they would be curious, as he is one of the most influential figures on TikTok and a humble individual to boot. And once the mystery was revealed to the fans, everyone was thrilled to see them together.

Who is Mattie Westbrouck Dating

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