Is Amanda Peet Married: Let’s Explore How She Praises Her Husband!


Amanda Peet, a well-known actress, began her career on television before moving on to the big screen. She rose to prominence after portraying Jill St. Claire in The Whole Nine Yards.

A Lot Like Love, Something’s Gotta Give, Identity, Please Give, The Way, Way Back, Identity Thief, and Trust Me are among her film credits. Amanda Peet was most recently seen in Netflix shows such as The Dirty John as Betty Broderick.

Peet went on to write and co-executive produce The Chair, which debuted on Netflix in 2021. Peet has garnered media attention for her personal life in addition to her successful professional life.

Not to mention, the actress is friends with Jack and Jill’s co-star Sarah Paulson. What other information do we have about her personal life? Let us examine all the details and lesser-known facts to determine whether Amanda Peet is married or not.

Is Amanda Peet Married?

Yes, Amanda Peet and David Benioff are married. While the two are notoriously private about their personal lives, it has been reported that they met in 2002 and dated for three years as their relationship blossomed.

Is Amanda Peet Married

Later, David popped the question, and a year later, in 2006, they were married. The wedding ceremony took place at the Quaker Friends Seminary School, Peet’s former school.

Together, they have three children. Benioff addressed his wife during his 2016 Emmy Award acceptance speech, as it was their tenth wedding anniversary.

As he accepted the prestigious award for Outstanding Drama Series, he addressed his wife, remarking that the past ten years have been filled with nonstop fun, and concluded his speech by declaring his love for Amanda Peet.

The actress has also previously discussed her relationship, describing David as a supportive spouse.

Who Exactly is David Benioff?

David Benioff and his writing partner D. B. Weiss are the creative minds behind HBO’s popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. Benioff’s success is not limited to the series’ six Emmy nominations.

He also wrote the screenplay for the blockbuster epic Troy, starring iconic actors Brad Bitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom, as well as stay, X-Men Origins, The Kite Runner, and Brothers.

His first television project was reportedly the HBO series Game of Thrones. He has written for a few other shows, including an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in 2013.

Is Amanda Peet Married

It has also been revealed that Weiss and Benioff have signed a lucrative contract with Netflix worth $200 million! This lucrative deal involves the duo, who intend to develop various films and series over the next few years.

Amanda Peet Praises Her Husband!

Amanda Peet has previously praised her husband, David Benioff, co-creator and showrunner of HBO’s Game of Thrones. While she was filming The Betty Broderick Story, the actress revealed that David took on more responsibilities at home.

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In The Betty Broderick Story, she described her real-life husband, David, as very supportive and appreciated how he was a full-on parent during this time. Peet joked that with David having spent nine years on Game of Thrones, they both thought it was her turn! Earlier in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Is Amanda Peet Married

The actress joked that the season five finale of Game of Thrones was making her consider divorce! The Dirty John actress later defended the Game of Thrones finale, admitting that she loved it when she read it and adding that she still stands by it, as Peet explained how some people just don’t want to say goodbye to the series entirely.

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