The Traitors Episode 9 Release Date: Where to Watch This Show?


After The Traitors’ final episode on BBC One last week, fans are eagerly anticipating the show’s return. Alyssa, one of the traitors, was expelled by the rest of the group in an unexpected turn of events after Wilfred and Amanda, her fellow conspirators, turned against her and voted her out.

Host Claudia Winkleman suggested to Wilfred and Amanda that they might be able to find another traitor now that the first one was gone. They chose Alex, but viewers were left in the dark regarding whether she accepted the invitation during the broadcast that aired on Thursday, December 8.

The traitors were given the chance to strengthen after a dramatic expulsion left the castle in disarray, but would their scheme be successful? The synopsis of the episode is read.

The participants are more motivated than ever to win gold for the reward pot after learning over breakfast that one of the loyal is keeping a significant secret from the other members of the group.

A startling revelation at the round table permanently alters the situation as rumours and accusations circulate among the participants. But when will episode 9 of the series be released?

The Traitors Episode 9 Release Date

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Name of the Season The Traitors
Episode Number Episode 9
Genre Reality and Game Show
The Traitors Initial Release Date 16 October 2022
The Traitors Season 1, Episode 9 Release Date December 16, 2022
Number of Seasons  Season 1

The Traitors Episode 9 Release Date: When Will It Air?

A 12-part drama series called The Traitors airs on Peacock in the US and BBC One in the UK. On December 16th, The Traitor Episode 9 will air, according to otakukart.

The cast of Alan Cumming’s The Traitors in the US consists of real-world celebrities, everyday people, and presidential hopefuls. The first episode will air on January 12, 2023, and all subsequent episodes will do the same.

  • Tuesday, December 20, at 9:00 p.m.
  • Episode 11 will air on December 21 at 9:00 p.m.
  • Episode 12: Thursday, December 22, at 9:00 p.m.

Summary of The Traitor Show

Popular Dutch reality shows The Traitors have been acquired by BBC1 and Peacock for a reality/challenge series that will air in both the UK and the US. The 12-part psychological game of deception by Claudia Winkleman has some unanticipated turns.

The 22 contestants in the UK competition include a magician, cheerleading coach, author, pensioner, BMX racer, spa therapist, and real estate developer.

When they get to a large Scottish castle, Claudia picks out a select few to be the “traitors,” and the remaining “faithful” are then killed by the traitors.

In the meantime, if a loyal expose a traitor, they can be “banished.” At the beginning of the game, Claudia Winkleman designates a small group of players as The Traitors.

The participants who are still present are referred to as “The Faithful,” but none of The Faithful is aware of who The Traitors are. Each night, The Traitors meet in secrecy and decide to kill one of The Faithful; however, when the group gathers for breakfast the following morning, the victim is missing.

At the “Round Table” later that day, everyone makes the decision to “banish” a player they believe to be a traitor. Whoever they select will then demonstrate whether they are a true believer or a traitor.

The Traitors Episode 9 Release Date

Whoever they select will then demonstrate whether they are a true believer or a traitor. If the few remaining players are all Faithful at the end of the game, they will split the prize money; however, if there is still a Traitor among them, the Traitor will be given the entire prize sum.

Finding out who is a nightmare, and there are no rules in this game, with the winner taking home £120,000. The UK version of the programme is hosted by Claudia Winkleman, who also states, “I’m fascinated by psychological games and I couldn’t stop watching the Dutch version of the show.”

Because the BBC version is set in a Scottish castle and the producers want me to wear tweed, I was completely on board.

Spoilers for The Traitor Episodes 8 and 9

Now that the game is halfway through, breakfast is tense as the Faithful wait to learn who the Traitors killed overnight. One of the characters makes a terrible discovery that sends the entire group into shock and jeopardizes relationships, so that is not the only story that emerges from the morning.

Despite the great news, the party members still need to travel far into the woods in order to finish another challenging task and raise the reward pot.

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When they come back, host Claudia Winkleman drastically modifies the game. The participants had more than just a hangover from the party games from the previous evening. Relationships are put to the test as one person expresses regret for their actions, and accusations start to fly.

The Traitors Episode 9 Release Date

A player’s unexpected choice as the round table draws closer turns the game in the Traitors’ favour and sends shockwaves through the castle. The dramatic reality game show is hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

Where to Watch the Traitors Episode 9?

The Traitors (UK) Episode 9 is available on BBC iPlayer outside the United Kingdom at the times and dates listed above. Fans of this programme must enter their names to access the service.

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