Who is Sophie Fergi Dating: Is She Having a Crush on Someone?


Do you want to know who Sophie Fergi is dating? Sophie Fergi is a well-known YouTuber. She is also known for being a cute and lovely person.

People find it incredible that she has 1.62 million subscribers on her YouTube channel at the age of 14. Furthermore, Sophie Fergi rose to prominence after appearing in Bratz’s TV web series Mani.

Piper Rockelle, Sophie Fergi’s former best friend, was the focus of the TV show. She played the character of Goth Girl in the series. She also appeared on her former best friend Piper’s TV show, where she discussed her Hollywood exploits.

The girl began her journey to stardom and shows no signs of slowing down. As previously stated, she has a cute, fun, and quirky personality that has captured the attention of the audience.

She has also been grateful to her fans since the beginning of her career. Fans are overjoyed to see Sophie mature in front of their eyes. This gives fans a stronger bond with the young star.

Who is Sophie Fergi Dating

Many people have been wondering who the teen star Sophie Fergi is dating. If you’re curious, keep reading because we’ll spill the beans on her relationship status. In addition, we will tell you more about her.

Who is Sophie Fergi Dating?

Jentzen Ramirez was in a relationship with Sophie Fergi. She used to create numerous YouTube videos with him on her channel. However, the couple intentionally separated in 2022.

Sophie also created a video entitled “Saying Goodbye to My Boyfriend” during their break. Even though they parted ways amicably, they no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Sophie is currently single, to speak of the present. Nonetheless, she is rumoured to be dating her friend Sawyer Sharbino. Fans speculated they were dating the entire time, despite their claims that they are just friends.

Sophie’s current crush is TikTok star Nathan Smith, with whom she has collaborated on multiple YouTube videos.

More Regarding the Rising Star Sophie Fergi

Sophie was born on July 4, 2007 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She began writing scripts and short stories at the age of ten, which helped her develop her talent for content creation.


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In addition, she had already begun to illustrate her scripts and screenplays. Furthermore, her mother Heather Nichole, who is also her manager, raised Sophie Fergi.

It is quite astonishing how much creativity and variety she has been able to generate on her channel. Her favourite actress is Christina Ricci, which is a noteworthy fact about her.

The majority of Christina Ricci’s iconic roles were performed prior to Sophie Fergi’s birth, which is quite remarkable. In addition to Christina Ricci, Sophie Fergi has stated that a friend of her mother’s was one of her greatest acting influences.

Additionally, Sophie Fergi was a member of The Squad, a content group. The Squad comprises content developers such as Jentzen, Piper Rockelle, and Lev Cameron.

However, she has left The Squad for some time now. And it is unknown why she left the group, though it may have been related to her personal life. Other than her mother, we have no other relatives from her family.

We are unaware of her father or whether she has siblings. Sophie Fergi is as active as any child and enjoys spending time with her friends tremendously. Overall, she is a very modest but intelligent YouTube content creator.

Anoiut Sophie YouTube Chanle

In 2018, Sophie launched her own YouTube channel with the same name. She has more than 1.62 million subscribers and her videos have received 116 million views overall.

Who is Sophie Fergi Dating

She creates a variety of entertaining content, including pranks, challenges, recreations of TikTok videos, daily life vlogs, and more. A number of videos feature her close friend Piper Rockelle, Jentzen, Walker Bryant, Lev Cameron, and other well-known social media stars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does Sophie Like?

Piper and Sophie were once best friends and made numerous videos together. After their breakup, Sophie and Jentzen no longer follow one another on Instagram.

Why is Piper Rockelle No Longer Friendly With Sophie?

Sophie left The Squad after breaking up with her boyfriend, another member of the group, Jentzen Ramirez.

Later, Jentzen claimed that their breakup was caused by Sophie’s parents, despite the fact that the couple had previously stated that their split was mutual.

Is She Having a Crush on Someone?

Sophie has revealed that her current crush is TikTok star Nathan Smith and has collaborated with him on several YouTube videos.

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