Who is Percy Hynes White Dating: Let’s Explore Here, Wednesday Actor Love Life!


Curious about Percy Hynes White’s romantic life? Yes, we are referring to the young actor who gained significant notoriety for playing Andy Strucker in The Gifted.

Percy is currently in the news for his just-released Wednesday comedy-horror series on Netflix. Percy Hynes White has done a lot of movies and TV shows up to this point, starting from the very beginning.

He turned 21 this year. He was born on October 8, 2001. He had the drive to pursue an acting career since he was a young child. The best part is that both of his parents, Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, are outstanding actors who work in the same field.

In terms of his performance on Wednesday, Percy portrayed the title character, Xavier Thorpe. Little did you know that he was a finalist for the Young Artist Award for his outstanding performance in The Gifted.

Returning to Percy Hynes White’s personal life, his supporters are adamant that he is dating someone special. Being young, well-known, attractive, and talented all in one, this is more likely the case.

In addition, the actor comes from a well-known family. Nowadays, it’s likely to see the actors in jail, especially when it comes to foreign nations and the entertainment business.

Who is Percy Hynes White Dating

Regardless of how young they are. Percy is similarly assumed to be in love. What is going on with his life? Here are the details if you’re interested in knowing who Percy Hynes White is dating.

Name Percy Hynes White
Date of Birth October 8, 2001
Age 21
Nationality Canadian 
Occupation Actor

Who is Percy Hynes White?

Percy Hynes White is an actor from Canada. He is well-known for his roles in films such as Edge of Winter and A Christmas Horror Story, as well as his roles in the television series Between and Andy Strucker in The Gifted.

He currently stars as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix comedy horror series Wednesday, which premiered in 2022. Hynes White is the son of writer, actor, and director Joel Thomas Hynes and writer and actress Sherry White.

Percy spent two years studying at a performing arts group in his hometown of St. John’s. Andy Strucker, a mutant in the X-Men-inspired Fox TV pilot The Gifted, was Hynes’ first role.

In 2022, he played Xavier Thorpe in the television series Wednesday.

Who is Percy Hynes White Dating?

Percy Hynes White may not be dating anyone right now if that makes any sense. To put it another way, we could say that the young actor is single and career-focused. Percy may have had romantic relationships in the past, but this is unknown.


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It doesn’t seem like Percy will find the love any time soon. Nevertheless, we can never predict the future. Everyone has been proven wrong by Percy Hynes White.

Some people might feel a little let down after learning about his single status, especially those who had high hopes for his romantic prospects. It’s the most important and crucial period in a person’s career development, as was already mentioned.

To put it another way, Percy is 21 years old, so the statement fits him perfectly. Percy Hynes White hasn’t been seen with any suspicious characters lately. When free, he enjoys spending time with his friends.

No such friend has, however, been emphasized or even alluded to on social media. Instead, he has been extremely busy lately with Wednesday’s release.

Percy Hynes White is currently in a relationship with his career if we’re talking about romantic relationships. It is clear how much he wants to become more well-known and succeed in life. Similar to his parents! But there’s also another tale to consider.

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Percy Hynes White was allegedly dating Lena Murphy, who was one of his friends. The only thing that is known about her is that they were high school classmates.

However, the actor Percy declined to confirm or make any comments regarding these rumours regarding his romantic status. Therefore, it is undeniably false that Lena was involved in any of those dating rumours.

Additionally, Percy has never shared any photos of himself with Lena on social media. Therefore, many of his fans even question the veracity of their friendship.

I’d like to wish Percy Hynes White nothing but the best in the days to come. For more updates, consider becoming Percy’s Instagram follower.

Percy Hynes White Family

Joel Thomas Hynes, a well-known Canadian novelist, screenwriter, actor, producer, director, and musician, is his father. Sherry White, who is also a Canadian actress, screenwriter, and producer, is his mother.

Who is Percy Hynes White Dating

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The siblings of Percy Hynes White are not officially known. If we learn more information about Percy’s siblings, we will update our websites.

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