Who is Ines De Ramon Dating: In 2023, She is Rumoured to Be Dating Brad Pitt!


Ines De Ramon is currently dating? The jewellery executive’s new relationship is currently making headlines. She is also well known for having been Paul Wesley’s former wife.

It’s time to find out who will go next. What is happening in Ines’ private life? Ines De Ramon is widely recognized as being connected to the jewellery industry, to start with.

She is not only accurate but also aesthetically pleasing when it comes to her designs. Ines De Ramon is currently the CEO of the Los Angeles-based jewellery company Anita Ko Jewelry.

It is a wholesale business that also counts Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Beiber among its clients. Ines had previously been connected to Christie’s jewellery division.

Ines is also a licenced health coach, did you know that? She is obviously very interested in fitness. But that’s great! She is also a social media influencer in addition to these.

Returning to Ines De Ramon’s private life, she was previously wed to Paul Wesley, an actor from The Vampire Diaries. In September 2022, three years passed.

So, even though they only recently split up, Ines De Ramon is already the subject of relationship rumours with another illustrious actor. He is who? Here are the answers to your questions about Ines De Ramon’s romantic relationships.

Name Ines De Ramon
Date of Birth December 19, 1992
Age 30
Nationality American
Occupation Health Coach

Who is Ines De Ramon?

Fans are looking for information on Ines De Ramon, a fitness enthusiast, health coach, and social media influencer. You can read about Ines De Ramon’s biography and learn more about her here.

Who is Ines De Ramon Dating

On December 19, 1992, Ines De Ramon was born. As Ines De Ramon has grown in popularity, more people are looking for Ines De Ramon’s biography. Yes, Ines De Ramon’s biography is available below.

Who is Ines De Ramon Dating?

Regarding her romantic partner, Ines De Ramon is allegedly seeing Brad Pitt. Say what? It’s true; you’re not dreaming. Brad Pitt and Ines De Ramon were spotted together at the Los Angeles Bono Concert.

In Los Angeles, it took place. When? 2022 November. In addition, it was said that Brad Pitt and Ines De Ramon had been dating for a while. Therefore, we might anticipate that to have begun soon after her divorce from Paul.

How did their relationship begin? Brad and Ines first met thanks to a mutual friend. The magic happened there! Looking at them, it is clear that Brad cares deeply and seriously about her.

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That’s great! Ines De Ramon and Brad Pitt do not currently have an exclusive relationship in the entertainment industry. But everything is going well, and they both enjoy each other’s company.

Ines was present with him at the Babylon premiere last month. That seemed more like a reassurance and encouraging gesture. Ines also lavishly celebrated Brad’s 59th birthday.

Of course, she made him feel special and surprised him with her sincere wishes and gifts. One more second? At the Pace restaurant in Hollywood, Ines De Ramon was once spotted with her rumoured boyfriend, Brad.

It was definitely a date; it wasn’t a casual one. Both appeared to be very flirtatious in addition to being happy. Ines De Ramon and Brad Pitt have not formally denied dating rumours.

However, their silly actions are enough to lead observant fans to believe that they are still dating. Right now, everything between the two is going very well.

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We are perplexed as to why Brad Pitt and Ines De Ramon have waited so long to declare their love. They do match well, though! Do you not concur? Ines De Ramon and Paul Wesley said “I do” in the year 2019.

However, because it was kept low-key, it didn’t cause a big drama when they decided to cancel. Well, the details of their divorce have not yet been made public. But it was a mutual choice made by Ines and Paul.

Their five-month separation process took place. Well, falling in love is always lovely and enjoyable. Ines De Ramon is deserving of the best wishes for her future.

I’m hoping the rumours about her and Brad Pitt being involved are accurate. For more updates, consider adding Ines as a follower on Instagram.

Paul Wesley Was the Husband of Ines

In June 2018, after a romantic dinner date, Ines and Paul Wesley were photographed holding hands in New York, which ignited the first rumours about their relationship.

Who is Ines De Ramon Dating

The following month, the Vampire Diaries legend made the union public on Instagram by sharing a picture of Ines and him at a wedding in Montauk with their BFF Nina Dobrev and friend Jessica Szohr.

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Ines confirmed in a post on July 23, 2020, that she and Paul were wed after some marriage rumours. In reality, the couple married in a covert ceremony on the beach in February 2019.

However, the union was destined to fail, and Paul’s representative confirmed that the couple had divorced in September 2022.

Who is Paul Wesley?

Paweł Paul Wesley, also known as Tomasz Wasilewski, is an American actor, director, and producer. He is well-known for his roles as Stefan Salvatore on the supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries (2009–2017) and James T. Kirk on the television series Lost.

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey to Polish parents Tomasz and Agnieszka Wasilewski, Paul Wesley was raised in Marlboro Township, New Jersey.

He has one older sister named Monika Emara, as well as two younger sisters named Leah and Julia.

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