Who is Trina Dating: Was Trina and Well-known Rapper Lil Wayne Engaged?


Fans are curious as to who Trina is dating currently. Trina has maintained her status as one of hip-iconic hop’s Diamond Princesses despite her meteoric rise to fame throughout the years.

Trina has demonstrated to her fans for nearly a decade how enduring female rappers can be by continuing to dominate the industry. In addition to her successful career, Trina has made headlines for her high-profile relationships.

The rapper was criticized for her problematic remarks regarding the George Floyd incident. Trina has been associated with several of the most prominent rappers in the industry, including Lil Wayne.

Nevertheless, the rapper has been dating someone for some time. From French Montana to Rick Ross, Trina has an interesting dating history. Let us examine who Trina is currently dating.

Name Trina
Date of Birth December 3, 1978
Age 44
Nationality American 
Occupation Rapper

Who is Trina? Let’s Explore Here

Trina, whose real name is Katrina Laverne Taylor, is an American rapper. In 1998, she became known because she was on the Trick Daddy song “Nann Nigga.”

Trina has been called “the most consistent female rapper of all time” by the magazine XXL. Complex put her song “Pull Over” at No. 27 on their list of the Top 50 Best Rap Songs by Women in 2013.

Trina was named one of the “31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop” by Billboard in 2014. Katrina Laverne Taylor was born in the city of Miami, Florida, on December 3, 1978.

Who is Trina Dating

She grew up in the Miami, Florida, neighbourhood of Liberty City. Her father is from the Dominican Republic, and her mother was from the Bahamas. When Trina was young, they broke up.

She went to Miami Northwestern Senior High School, where she was a majorette and where she graduated in 1992. Taylor went to school at first to become a real estate agent, but she changed her mind and now wants to be a musician.

Who is Trina Dating?

Trina is in a relationship with Raymond Taylor, who is a rap artist and used to play basketball in Miami. In 2016, there were rumours that the two were dating.

People have said bad things about the couple because Raymond Taylor is 13 years older than the rapper. Even though they try to keep their relationship out of the public eye, Raymond is always talking up his girl.

On Valentine’s Day, he posted a cutesy picture with a romantic caption. He also often makes a big deal about his girlfriend on social media. While she posted a beautiful photo of the two of them.

He said he missed being prim in high school, so posing with Trina is probably his way of making up for it. Raymond Taylor is also in the music business, and he might soon be in one of Trina’s new songs.

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The couple got engaged in September 2021 after Trina started dating Raymond Taylor in 2017.

Was Trina and Well-known Rapper Lil Wayne Engaged?

Lil Wayne and Trina, two of the most well-known rappers, began dating outside their careers. The two began dating in 2005, and things progressed quickly.


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When media tabloids revealed that the two got engaged just a few months later, fans were astounded. Although the relationship was not widely reported on and was largely kept out of the media spotlight.

The rapper star is currently back with her brand-new song, Receipts. A recent epic Verzuz battle between Eve and Trina was witnessed by the audience. Look at it over here.

Unfortunately, the rapper miscarried back in 2006. They had been engaged for less than a year when this occurred. Trina later acknowledged that they may have made a hasty decision because they were so young.

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Nevertheless, they are still on friendly terms. Furthermore, the former lovers continued to work together and remained close friends over the years. When ex-Trina asked him to record a feature for her 2019 album The One, Lil Wayne did not think twice.

Trina Sparked Rick Ross Dating Rumours!

While Trina appears to be happy with her long-term boyfriend Raymond Taylor, fans speculated that she is dating long-time friend and fellow rapper Rick Ross.

They’ve known each other for nearly two decades and frequently post mushy pictures on social media. How these rumours are a ruse, given that the two are close friends who treat each other like extended family?

Trina is currently dating Raymond Taylor, whereas Rick Ross was previously engaged to Lira Galore. Trina previously dated popular hip-hop artist French Montana.

However, the relationship only lasted a few months before coming to an end. After his divorce from Trina, French Montana dated Khloé Kardashian for less than a month.

Who is Trina Dating

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This caused some cold tension between the two, but it was quickly dispelled with little fanfare. Trina didn’t say much about her breakup with French Montana.

After a few high-profile splits, Trina is determined to keep her personal life and her man out of the public eye. She is juggling her new single and her relationship with Raymond Taylor.

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