Who is Zack Bia Dating: His Dating History, Let’s Explore Her!


A few days ago, the owner of the record label Field Trip Records, Zack Bia, was seen hanging out with Miley Cyrus’s sister, Noah Cyrus. Even though there isn’t any news about how their relationship is growing, it seems like Zack wants a girl in his life.

Last year, the well-known DJ broke up with Olivia Rodrigo. Do you want to learn more about Zack’s relationships? This well-known DJ has gone out with a lot of women in a short amount of time.

But none of these connections lasted long. So we will look into Zack Bia’s dating history from the beginning.

Name Zack Bia 
Date of Birth June 9, 1996
Age 26
Nationality American 
Occupation Dj, Record

Who is Zack Bia?

Zack Bialobos is a DJ, a record executive, and a club promoter in the United States. In the late 2010s, he first came to be known in the Los Angeles nightlife scene as a party promoter and DJ.

As a music executive, he became a co-founder of James Canton’s Field Trip Recordings in 2018 and signed well-known bands like Yeat, SSGKobe, and Slump6s. Zack Bialobos was born in New York City on June 9, 1996.

When he was 9, his parents broke up, so his mother raised him. Bia’s mom introduced him to music and magazines when he was young. When he was 8 or 9, Bia got the idea to make money by downloading music onto other people’s iPods.

Who is Zack Bia Dating?

The most recent rumours say that Zack Bia and Noah Cyrus are dating. Noah Cyrus is Miley Cyrus’s younger sister. Last month, the well-known singer was seen hanging out with Bia.

Who is Zack Bia Dating

They both went to Giorgio Baldi for a romantic dinner. A lot of famous people go to this Italian restaurant. They both got to the restaurant on their own.

Four months after breaking up with Olivia, Bia is seen with a new girl. Now, they didn’t get there at the same time, but they left together. Noah tried to get away from the press by hiding her face.

Zack and Noah got in his Mercedes and drove away from the restaurant together. Noah tried to hide her face when she saw the paparazzi, but they were able to catch her.

Noah was in the front, dressed in a beautiful white piece. Zack was wearing casual clothes and didn’t seem to care much that there were reporters there.

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We were surprised to see them together because we hadn’t seen them together before. Even though nothing is certain, Noah and Zack do make a cute pair.

Smokepurpp and Tana Mongeau were once said to be in a relationship with Noah. Before the COVID epidemic, it was also said that she was dating the well-known rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Noah’s relationship with rapper Lil Xan was the one that got the most attention. But after a lot of drama in public, accusations of cheating, and throwing mud at each other, they broke up.

Zack’s love life had to be full of ups and downs. Well, only time will show if he and Noah can start a new chapter together or not. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.

Madison Beer and Zack Bia (2018-2019)

When Zack was 20, he started dating Madison Beer. This began in 2018 and was his first serious relationship. Their relationship was on and off for a long time.

Who is Zack Bia Dating

Madison is a well-known singer who became famous on YouTube because of how well she sang covers of well-known songs. Madison had been with Brooklyn Beckham in the past.

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Before she met Bia, she was with Jack Gilinsky, but they broke up in a bad way. Madison and Bia were seen at a few high-profile events, like Paris Fashion Week, but Madison and Zack’s relationship didn’t last too long.

There were rumours that Madison and Zack would fight a lot. In fact, both of them were shown having a big fight outside a popular spot. Sources say that Madison was having trouble with her mental health and that Zack wasn’t helping her enough.

When Zack started dating Madison, he was a teenager. So it’s not surprising that they didn’t get along well and that their relationship ended as 2019 began.

In 2018, they fell in love, but by 2019, they were no longer together. Madison made it clear that she was upset about her breakup by posting a few tweets about it.

In her tweets that went viral, she told her followers not to date someone who doesn’t care about or understand their mental health. People like that can make your life a living hell.

People used to be confused by her tweets because they didn’t know who she was talking about. But when Madison wrote “single Madison thrives,” it was clear that she and Zack were no longer together.

Zack Bia and Madelyn Cline (2021- January 2022)

Then it was said that Zack was dating the famous model Madelyn Cline. The 25-year-old model is known for her role in Outer Banks, a popular Netflix show.

So, how did the talk start? Well, in December 2021, they were both seen hanging out and having fun with each other. Cline used to date Chase Stokes, but after almost a year together, they broke up.

You would probably hang out with someone who could relate to you after the breakup. So, when Cline and Bia went to Santa Monica for dinner, there were rumours that they were dating.

Just a few days before Cline’s birthday, this happened. Both Cline and Chase talked to the press about why they broke up. When Bia said in a podcast that she and Cline were not dating, it became clear that they were not dating.

They are simply spending time together. Bia said that both of them were busy people. They are just having fun with each other.

Olivia Rodda And Zack Bia (April 2022- August 2022)

The most popular relationship of Zack Bia was with the pop singer Olivia Rodrigo. Three to four months were spent in a casual relationship between the two parties.

In April 2022, Zack and Olivia were spotted at a party in New York, sparking the rumours. So why did they split up so quickly? Well, it was a casual relationship, and neither party was particularly serious about it.

Additionally, Olivia’s hectic schedule was a problem. Perhaps Olivia decided to part ways in order to concentrate on her career. Zack and Olivia had no significant problems.

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Things simply did not gel after a while. The relationship between Zack and Olivia was not confirmed by either party. But they would attend events together.

Who is Zack Bia Dating

Moreover, Zack cheered for Olivia during her SOUR tour. Olivia is quite young but professionally successful. She performed 48 concerts during her legendary SOUR tour.

Therefore, the hectic schedules likely contributed to the differences that ultimately led to the breakup. The relationship between Zack Bia and Olivia Rodrigo lasted approximately six months. Both parties have moved on and have not publicly discussed their breakup.

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