Who is Jojo Siwa Dating: Let’s Explore Here, is She Still With Avery Cyrus?


Jojo Siwa is an American singer and dancer who rose to prominence through her YouTube videos. Jojo’s fans are more interested in her love life now that she has been seen with a new girl, and they want to know who Jojo Siwa is dating in 2022.

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Name Jojo Siwa
Date of Birth May 19, 2003
Age 19
Nationality American
Occupation Dancer, Singer, Actress and YouTuber

Who is Jojo Siwa?

An American actress, singer, dancer, and YouTuber by the name of Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa. She is well-known for her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store,” as well as for co-starring with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, on Dance Moms for two seasons.

Every day, Siwa uploads videos of her daily activities to her “Its JoJo Siwa” YouTube channel. Her older brother Jayden Siwa, who is also a vlogger, is her only sibling.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

Siwa began her professional dance career as the youngest competitor and a top-5 finalist in the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, which was created by Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller.

Jojo Siwa joined her mother on the show, and in week nine, she was eliminated. Siwa quickly made an appearance on Dance Moms after being chosen for Miller’s “ALDC” dance competition team following an audition in 2014.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating?

As of December 2022, Jojo Siwa is single. Avery Cyrus and Siwa separated in December 2022. From August to November 2020, Siwa was dating Mark Bontempo, a popular TikTok user.

In January 2021, Siwa publicly identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community on social media. Siwa responded that she does not label her sexuality because she “doesn’t really know this answer” when a fan subsequently asked what it was.

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Technically, I would say that I am pansexual because that is how I have always been my entire life—just like, my human is my human, she said.

Siwa mentioned in the same interview that she also uses the terms “gay” and “queer.” Since then, she has declared that she doesn’t find men attractive.

Siwa disclosed in February 2021 that she was dating Kylie Prew, her best friend, who had proposed to her a month earlier. The two officially got back together in May 2022 after splitting up in late 2021.

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In June 2022, Siwa and Prew ended their relationship once more. Siwa started dating social media content creator Avery Cyrus in August 2022. It was revealed that Siwa and Cyrus had split up in December 2022.

Age of Jojo Siwa

Jojo was born in Nebraska on May 19, 2003. Jojo Siwa is 19 years old right now. Her height is approximately 176cms, or 5 ft. 9 inches. Siwa’s rise to fame was largely due to her dancing abilities, but she rose to prominence after launching her YouTube channel.

In May 2016, she also released her song Boomerang, which has received over 900 million views and 2.5 million likes. As of 2020, her YouTube channel had 3.3 billion views and 12 million subscribers.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Jojo’s estimated net worth is $20 million. She earned all of this through various activities such as singing, acting, modelling, vlogging, writing, and so on.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

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She even began to run profitable businesses. One such profitable business is Claire’s, a fashion accessories company for 6 to 12-year-old girls, where she has sold over 40 million bow ribbons to date.

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