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Max Thieriot was made in the American action-drama TV show Fire Country, which was made by Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater, and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for CBS.

Are you looking forward to Fire Country Episode 10? As we saw in episode 8, Bode was taken away in the car that was still hanging from Ledgewood Bridge. The car then fell into the river.

Cal Fire and the Leone family will have a hard time getting over the shock of Bode’s death. In episode 9, we find out if the teams led by Manny and Vince can find Bode.

Cal Fire will be blamed for the accident no matter what happens. If you don’t remember what happened to Bode, all you need to know is that he crossed a bridge.

He put his life in danger to help a person who was stuck in a car that was dangerously placed on a bridge. When the car he was in crashed, he fell overboard. Both Bode and the car went into the water. Bode and his car were both lost in the river.

Series Fire Country
Genre    Action, Drama
Created by         Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform CBS
Fire Country Episode 10 Release Date January 13, 2023

Fire Country Episode 10 Release Date

The 10th episode of Fire Country aired on CBS on January 13, 2023, on CBS. “Get Your Hopes Up” is the name of this episode. As of this writing, there are 12 episodes planned for this season. This means that after this week’s episode, there will only be two more.

Fire Country Episode 10 Release Date

Fire Country Episode 10 Cast Members

  • Bode Donovan is played by Max Thieriot.
  • Manny Perez is played by Kevin Alejandro.
  • Jordan Calloway in the role of Jake Crawford
  • Gabriella Perez is played by Stephanie Arcila.
  • Eve Edwards is played by Jules Latimer.
  • Sharon Leone is played by Diane Farr.

Recap of Fire Country Episode 9

Before we start Episode 10 of Fire Country, let’s quickly go over what happened in Episode 9. In Episode 9, Vince, Manny, and Sharon are looking at a map of the area’s border with Gabriela in their hands.

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As they do this, Sharon sees Bode coming with Gabriela in his hands. Everyone runs toward him. After that, we find out that Meg is still alive. Then Vince sends Eve and another firefighter to go and get her.

Bode says that he brought Meg in first because she is in much better shape than Gabriela. Gabriela, who is being carried on a stretcher, opens her eyes after a while and calls Bode by name.

When she called Bode’s name, her father, Manny, and Jake were there. Bode runs to her as she is being loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital to see how she is doing.

Sharon, Eve, Vince, Manny, and Jake have all stood up for each other in front of Officer Erika. Freddy, in particular, disproved Manny’s fear that he would blame him for the forest fire because of what Manny did to him.

In fact, Erika was the one who told Freddy to do this. She was a member of Cal Fire, so it was obvious that she also wanted to keep them from losing anything. Bode said he was sorry about what happened to Meg.

Erika has thought about everything and has decided that Bode will be in charge of the team. He was already facing charges, and Cal Fire won’t miss him as much as other people.

Vince tells Erika that she shouldn’t just blame Bode for Meg’s death, but should also blame him. Erika already knows what she wants, which is a bad thing.

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Vince wants to know if he can talk to Meg’s parents. He talks to them and tells them that Riley died and that Bode tried to save Meg. If he didn’t, they might blame Bode for things he didn’t do.

Fire Country Episode 10 Release Date

Bode is good at putting out fires. So, putting him in jail will only make it more likely that someone else’s child will be killed. Even though she is very upset, Meg’s mother tells Vince she will talk to their lawyer and get the charges dropped, even though she is in a lot of pain.

Now, we’ll talk about when Fire Country Episode 10 will come out and what will happen in it.

Where to Watch Fire Country Episode 10?

In the US, the 10th episode of Fire Country will air at 9 pm PT. Every Friday, there are new episodes of Fire Country, which you can watch on CBS.

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