The Resident Season 6, Episode 12 Release Date: Is This Series Actually Filmed in a Hospital?


The Resident is an American television medical drama that debuted on January 21, 2018. As the final two episodes of Season 6 of The Resident are about to air, viewers are eager to see how the season concludes.

Due to the imminent release of episode 12, fans are eager to learn what to expect from the series conclusion. From the release date and potential spoilers to the trailer and a recap of the previous episodes, this blog post will provide readers with all the information they need to prepare for the Season 6 finale of Resident.

If you’ve been following the series, you must read this blog post to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Series The Resident
Genre    Drama
Created by         Amy Holden Jones
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform Fox
The Resident Season 6 Episode 12 Release Date January 10, 2023

The Resident Season 6, Episode 12 Release Date

On January 10, 2023, the highly anticipated 12th episode of the sixth season of the critically acclaimed drama “The Resident” was released.

The Resident Season 6, Episode 12 Release Date

After an action-packed mid-season finale, fans of the show can look forward to seeing more of their favourite characters and some intense drama as the show continues to build tension and explore difficult themes. Don’t miss The Resident’s exciting return.

Who Will Appear in Season 6 of the Resident?

In the sixth season, Drs. Billie Sutton, portrayed by Jessica Lucas, Dr Randolph Bell, portrayed by Bruce Greenwood, and Dr Kit Voss, portrayed by Jane Leeves, join Dr Conrad Hawkins, portrayed by Matt Czuchry.

Manish Dayal portrays Dr Devon Pravesh, Malcolm-Jamal Warner portrays Dr AJ Austin, and Anuja Joshi plays Dr Leela Devi. Dr Ian Sullivan is portrayed by Andrew McCarthy, while Dr Cade Sullivan is portrayed by Kaley Ronayne.

Review of The Resident Season 6

The stories are interesting, the characters are interesting, and the music is beautiful. Compared to other hospital shows that have come out recently, this one is the best.

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I’ve tried and watched almost every medical or hospital-themed show out there, and this is the only one I’ve ever liked (after “Dr House” and “The Knick”). Don’t judge it based on the first few episodes; it gets better.

Some of the characters and plot points are pretty typical, but the story moves along at a nice clip. I probably wouldn’t have agreed with these broad statements if I hadn’t met and worked with people who fit them.

A series that is easy to read. You could watch a funny sitcom while you do nothing. If the

writers keep making the characters like this, the show has a lot of potentials.

What is the Show’s Current Rating?

We’ve been having fun with the Resident series for more than four years now. The amazing plot has helped them get great ratings. IMDb gives The Resident a score of 7.8 out of 10, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 59%, Common Sense Media gives it a score of 3 out of 5, and Audience Rating Summary gives it a score of 4.6 out of 5.

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Is the Resident Series Actually Filmed in a Hospital?

The High Museum of Art in midtown Atlanta was used as the background for both outside and inside shots of the made-up Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. In Conyers, Georgia, some scenes were also shot on a set that had been used for Fox’s Sleepy Hollow.

Where Can You Watch Season 6 of the Resident?

The Resident is an American medical drama TV show that started on January 21, 2018. It was a mid-season replacement for the 2017–18 TV season on the Fox Broadcasting Company.

The Resident Season 6, Episode 12 Release Date

You can also watch it on your phone or tablet using the Fox App or on your laptop or desktop computer using the Fox website. You can also watch these shows on Hulu Plus, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV.

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The sixth season of The Resident has taken viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Fans could see how their favourite characters changed and grew as they faced new challenges and grew as people. The sixth season was full of plot twists, heart-warming moments, and interesting stories that kept people on the edge of their seats.

This season also showed how trust, honesty, and love can build strong bonds between people. As season seven of The Resident goes on, fans are excited to see what comes next.

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