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Cutie Pie Season 2, episode 2’s air date is soon. Before the next episode of the BL drama comes out, fans should look into everything. We’ll tell you when Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 will come out and how to watch it.

But before that, a quick summary of episode 1 is needed for those who missed it. In one part of the episode, Kuea and Nuer are shown working as apprentices at a mechanic shop a few months earlier.

Lian and Yi are watching them in secret. Yi notices that one of Korea’s coworkers is trying too hard to talk to Kuea while they are making fun of each other.

Today is Kuea and Nuer’s last day on the job, which is coming to an end. Their boss invites them out for a drink to celebrate. Sia, a coworker, wants to go pick up Korea even though Nuer tells him it’s not necessary.

Nuer tells Kuea that Sia is trying to get close to him after he leaves, but Kuea thinks that Sia is just being friendly. Nuer tells him that Sia is only being nice to him. At the party, everyone is having fun and drinking when Kuea and Nuer’s boss offers them jobs, but they refuse.

Series Cutie Pie
Genre    Comedy, Romance, Drama
Directed by        Aoftion Kittipat Jampa
Country of Origin Thailand
OTT Platform Workpoint TV
Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date January 13, 2023

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date: When Will It Air?

Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 was released on January 13, 2023. The second episode of Cutie Pie’s second season will be shown for the first time in China at 9.30 a.m. EST on Tencent Video.

Fans in other countries can also stream at the same time, which is 8 pm IST, 1.30 am AEDT (January 14), and 2.30 pm GMT.

Cutie Pie Season 2, Episode 2 Release Date

Recap Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 1

Kuea wants to focus on music, while Nuer is still trying to decide what he wants to do. Syn calls Nuer and wants to get up to speed. Nuer says during the conversation that he watches Kuea and Sia while having dinner with his coworkers.

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Syn hangs up the phone quickly because Nuer seems to be doing something else. He hoped that Nuer would call him, but instead, Nuer went back to his squad.

Sia tries to get Kuea’s attention by putting his hands in a sensual way on his hips. Kuea tells him right away that he shouldn’t have come into his personal space.

Sia makes a case for himself by saying that he thinks Kuea likes him. He tells Kuea if he has a boyfriend, and Kuea tells him how great his boyfriend is in the bedroom and how handsome he is. I like it when Kuea gets mad! Also, Lian is a great boyfriend.

He didn’t lie about that. Kuea has already been drinking, so Nuer asks him to drop him down before they leave. When Kuea turns down Nuer’s offer, which we see after we meet Lian, Nuer leaves.

When Kuea sees Lian, he runs over to hug him. Even though Kuea didn’t know Lian was coming, she is very happy to see him. Lian tells him that he was trying to surprise him as he drives him back. When Lian gets home for the first time, she is surprised by Kuea’s decorating choices, especially the big portrait of him.

When Lian asks if he remembered Kuea, Kuea says that he missed him. As they start to kiss, Lian tells him that he misses him too. After a passionate kiss, they fall onto the couch. Kuea tells Lian that he likes being with him because the hugs get more passionate. Kuea is drunker than Lian thought at first, but Lian gets it.

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To Kuea’s irritation, he breaks up their kiss and tells him he wants to come home to him as soon as he wakes up. In this way, Kuea can feel every kiss, hug, and another touch he gives her.

Even though she is upset, Kuea agrees to have a bath and get ready for bed. Lian made the right choice, which showed how much he cared for and respected Kuea. At the same time, Yi goes back to town to get his girlfriend Khondiao. Khondiao is shocked because he didn’t expect Yi to come back from his trip. Yi says he wants to be there because it will be the last day of his internship.

Khondiao asks where they are going while they are in the car. Yi says, “We’re going home,” which seems to imply that he loves Khondiao. They don’t make it home because they get too caught up in their love for each other and start making out in the car.

The next day, Kuea wakes up on his own and runs to the mechanics to hand in his apprenticeship report. He sees Lian waiting for him across from the repair shop, and he has bought rice porridge for the whole crew.

Cutie Pie Season 2, Episode 2 Release Date

Kuea and Nuer were praised by their boss for working well as a team, which made him very happy.

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Where to Watch Cutie Pie Season 2, Episode 2?

In China, Cutie Pie Season 2 Episode 2 will be shown on Tencent Video, but fans in other countries can watch it on Rakuten Viki. Viki is cheap, and a viewer might only have to pay about $5 to use it.

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