I Will Knock You Episode 10 Release Date: Rating| Cast and Character| Spoiler|


I Will Knock You Episode 10! The first episode of the Thai show “I Will Knock You” will air on November 18, 2023. This drama follows the actor-to-be Choi Hyun Wook as he works his way up to the lead role.

Fans of the genre have been looking forward to this show for a long time, and it will now air regularly. When Episode 10 airs in 2023, a new prologue will be shown for the first time. Fans of the show can expect a plot that will keep them interested and a strong bond between the actors.

During the Ten Days of Prayer 2023, you can take part in and learn more about this popular show. Here, you can find out when the next episode will air, what will happen, a summary, and much more.

Series I Will Knock You
Genre    Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama
Written by         Champ Weerachit Thongjila
Country of Origin Thailand
OTT Platform Gagaoolala app
I Will Knock You Episode 10 Release Date January 20, 2023

Possible Release Date of I Will Knock You Episode 10

The release of the tenth episode of the popular Thai television series I Will Knock You is imminent, and viewers cannot wait. The tenth episode of this romantic series premiered on January 20, 2023.

The programme will feature numerous comedic relief, thrilling action, and touching scenes.

Spoiler for I Will Knock You Episode 10

As of right now, there are no spoilers for the next episode 10 of I Will Knock You on the internet. Many fans are sad about this, and they want to know what the next episode will be like.

The network’s show runners have been quiet about what will happen in the future, but they did say that this episode will be a game-changer in terms of plot and character development.

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Fans are eager to see how these fights will end because so much is at stake, but no one knows how it will go. Keep an eye out for more details about I Will Knock You Episode 10 as they become available.

Ratings for Season 1 of I Will Knock You

The first season of I Will Knock You got good reviews and high ratings. With a score of 8.9 on IMDB and 8.8 on MyDramaList. This shows not only that people are enjoying the stories of this season, but also that they can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2! Fans like that the show shows school life as it really is and that it is funny and light-hearted.

Review of I Will Knock You

I liked the comedy in the production, but I also liked the cinematography and the places where the filming took place. The environment doesn’t look “finished.”

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Instead, it looks cluttered and very well-used. But it’s also a beautiful sight. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes because the cast has a lot of chemistry together.

So far, this drama is one of my top choices because it is a lot of fun to watch. They look great, and their acting is very good. I can’t wait for each new episode to come out every week.

I Will Knock You Season 2 Character and Cast

The show features the following well-known and talented actors:

Is There Going to Be a Season 2 of I Will Knock You?

I Will Knock You became a big hit quickly because it had a diverse cast and interesting stories that talked about important issues. Fans are still hoping for a second season of I Will Knock You, even though there is no confirmation of it yet.

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Since season 1 ended on an explosive cliffhanger, fans have been eager to hear about season 2. Even though it’s not clear if or when a new season will be announced, fans are still hopeful that their favourite characters will be back soon.

Where Can You Watch Season 1 of I Will Knock You?

Are you looking for a place to watch the first season of I Will Knock You, a popular web series? You’re lucky, then! The critically acclaimed show can now be watched on the Gagaoolala app.

The Gagaoolala app is a streaming service that you pay for and that focuses on LGBTQ+ content from all over the world.

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