Sipahi Episode 7 Release Date: Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Episode?


The date for Episode 7 of Sipahi has been set. Fans of this new Turkish action-crime show can’t wait to find out everything about the latest episode. We’ll look into everything we know about it, like when Sipahi Episode 7 will air and how to watch it online.

Let’s talk about Sipahi episode 6 for those who missed it. Ali and Yldrm are getting closer and closer to Habtoor. Ali was able to make it into the Habtoor. Ali can’t talk to the Sipahi group, though, because he doesn’t know what will happen.

Ali is working alone on this project. He doesn’t expect to see Anti-Terrorism Director Caanan at Habtor’s house, but he does. On the other side, Yldrm tries to find Habtoor’s home by using a clue he found.

The team is getting more and more under pressure, and the threat is getting worse. Before he can save Canan or himself from Syria, Ali must first find out what Habtoor’s plan is. Ali is getting more and more interested in Canan.

He follows Ali in the end because he doesn’t know who he is. Ali, on the other hand, tries to keep Caanan from finding out who he is.

Series Sipahi
Genre    Action
Production Company     CNP Film
Country of Origin Turkey
OTT Platform TRT
Sipahi Episode 7 Release Date January 22, 2023

Sipahi Episode 7 Release Date

On January 22, 2023, the seventh episode of Sipahi will air. Around 8 p.m. in Turkey, Episode 7 of Sipahi will be shown on Show TV.

Sipahi Episode 7 Release Date

Sipahi Episode 7 Cast: Who Will Appear in the Upcoming Episode?

Korkut Ali Türkolu will portray Kaan Yldrm, and OZge Gürel will portray Caanan. Kerem Alşk plays the role of Yldrm Zafer Bozok.

Quick Recap of Sipahi Episode 6

Caanan, on the other hand, also needs the information she has learned. Ali and Caanan start a game called “corner-snatching” because of this. Ali and Yldrm try to wreck Habtoor’s plan from both sides.

In the meantime, Yldrm learns new things about his past. With an invitation, everything moves faster for the whole team. Strange names and well-known faces are mixed together.

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Even though their main goals were different, the extremists who crashed the Hartman Institute ball hurt Goran and Yldrm. Canan helps Jasmin get a place to stay in Turkey, so she can take care of her daughter Dora.

Canan finds out from Narin who Yldrm Tunnel is while looking into the attack on the Hartmann Foundation. He then asks Yldrm who he was and how he shot the terrorist in the head, or how a regular person shot a well-known terrorist in the head in the middle of a fight.

Amy is a dangerous British spy who gives Ivan, a Russian woman who smuggles weapons, a card. Ali is also interested in the person on this card who has information about someone who needs to be killed right away.

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No one knows this yet. Our Sipahi team comes up with a clever way to get into the QR-coded cards that British spy Amy gave to Ivan.

Sipahi Episode 7 Release Date

Where to Watch Sipahi Episode 7?

Sipahi episodes are currently aired exclusively on Show TV in Turkey at 8:00 p.m., so viewers from other countries must access video content.

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We hope that the creators will soon finalize a deal with a streaming service to make Sipahi accessible to English-speaking audiences worldwide. Keep an eye on our website for information regarding streaming options as they become available.

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