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The Night Of is an eight-part American crime drama TV miniseries that came out in 2016. The show hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet, but we expect that to happen soon.

The series The Night Of has won many awards, including the 31st American Society of Cinematograph Award, the American Film Institute Award, the 69th Director’s Guild of America Award, the 69th Primetime Emmy Award, the Golden Reel Award, and the Rockie Award.

The Night Of has also been nominated for a lot of awards, including the 33rd TCA Award, the Peabody Award, the 2017 British Academy Television Award, and more. Let’s talk in-depth about Season 2 of The Night Of.

Series The Night of
Genre    Crime Drama
Created by         Richard Price, Steven Zaillian
Country of Origin United States
OTT Platform HBO
The Night of Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

When Will the Night of Season 2 Be Released?

The second season of The Night Of will come out late in 2021 or early in 2022. By HBO, there is still no official release date for Season 2 of The Night Of.

The first season of The Night Of came out on July 10, 2016. The second season of The Night Of hasn’t been talked about or updated as yet. Let’s watch the Season 2 trailer for The Night of.

The Night of Season 2 Release Date

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The Night of Cast: Which Cast Members Will Reappear?

  • John Stone is played by John Turturro.
  • Nasir is played by Riz Ahmed.
  • Freddy Knight is played by Michael K. Williams.
  • Dennis Box is played by Bill Camp.
  • Helen Weiss is played by Jeannie Berlin.
  • Salim Khan is played by Payman Maadi.
  • Poorna Jagannathan in the role of Safar Khan
  • Alison Crowe is played by Glenne Headly.
  • Chandra Kapoor is played by Amara Karan.
  • Calvin Hart is played by Ashley Thomas.

Review of The Night of Season 1

In the first hour and a half of “The Night Of,” most of the time is spent with Nasir “Naz” Khan, a Pakistani-American college student living in Queens. He is played by Riz Ahmed from “Nightcrawler,” who will also be in the upcoming movies “Jason Bourne” and “Star Wars: Rogue One” in order to have the most successful year possible in 2016.

He seems like a nice kid who is surprised to be invited to a cool party in Manhattan on an October night. Naz “borrows” his father’s taxi to go into the city when his friend, who is also his rider, doesn’t show up.

As he tries to find the party, a beautiful young woman gets into his cab. She would like to visit the beach. Naz goes along with her because she’s pretty and mysterious.

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He will be arrested for murder by the end of the night. On top of the great group performances and memorable characters, “The Night Of” has a fascinating procedural aspect, especially in the first few episodes, where Zaillian and Price show a clear interest in and respect for people who do jobs that most people don’t want to do, like the graveyard shift at the police station, the people who work in the mortuary, and so on.

It’s the kind of show where you can hear “Homicide” written on a whiteboard with a dry-erase marker. “The Night Of” doesn’t skimp on details, giving Price fans what they want, which is something we rarely see on episodic TV.

The Night of Season 2 Release Date

And yet, the balance between details and characters is never off. In one way, it’s a procedural with a main character who doesn’t care about the facts or the process. Stone makes it clear that he doesn’t care if Naz did it or not; in the criminal justice system, guilt or innocence is only one part of the story.

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It develops confidently as both a great crime novel and a character study of two men who would never have met if it weren’t for murder. This is probably because Price is good at the details of writing a crime novel and Zaillian has a very human touch when working with actors. Let’s hope they get back to working together soon.

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