Who is Tallulah Willis Dating: Is She Married in 2023? Explore Here!


You might be wondering who Tallulah Belle Willis is dating. Tallulah Belle Willis was born to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore on February 3, 1994. Tallulah Bankhead was her namesake.

Her older sister, Rumer Willis, is also always in the news. Tallulah is Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s youngest daughter. Scout LaRue Willis is her other sister.

Bruce Willis and his daughter Tallulah, who is 28 years old, recently posted some fun pictures on Instagram. She is known for great works like The Whole Nine Yards, where she played Buttercup Scout, and The Scarlet Letter, and Bandits, where she played Erika Miller.

Tallulah has a pretty face, which she got from her parents. She is also a good actress. In 2014, she was also one of the hosts of Catfish: The TV Show. She started acting when she was very young and has been in movies that her parents made.

But as time went on, she became known as a Visual Artist. Her trademark was making portraits of animals that looked a little bit like people and had big features.

A few years ago, she was in the news because she had an eating disorder and was having trouble with drugs. She has recently gained a lot of followers on Instagram.

This is because she posts daily about being inspired and her journey to sobriety, which has helped a lot of people who are going through the same thing. She is finally famous among young people.

Name Tallulah Belle Willis
Date of Birth February 3, 1994
Age 28
Nationality American
Occupation Actress

Who is Tallulah Willis Dating? Is She Married?

Well, she’s not married yet, but she is definitely ENGAGED. Since May 2021, she has been engaged to Dillon Buss, but they haven’t gotten married yet because Bruce Willis’ health has got worse.

Who is Tallulah Willis Dating

Before they got engaged, the actress had been dating the director, Dillon, for more than a year. Dillon’s proposal to Tallulah was very simple. As you can see from the pictures she posted, he did it on her front lawn, which could be where they live together.

Bruce, Tallulah’s dad, was just told he has Aphasia, so they moved up his wedding. Tallulah’s parents seemed very proud and happy because their little daughter was getting married soon.

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Tallulah, on the other hand, is focusing on her fashion career and even started her own clothing line during the pandemic. She has chosen a line for her clothes that is meant to help with mental health and self-awareness.

Tallulah Belle Willis said, “Basically, my dream is for my clothing line to be a huge success, for mental health to heal the world, and for me to move to a ranch with 15 dogs of all shapes and sizes.

And just be like hounds in a Willy Wonka way.” Tallulah laughed at all the rumours that the wedding would be called off. She is still engaged to Dillon Buss, and they will definitely get married because they are so in love.


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Tallulah will soon be an aunt to Rumer Willis’s first child, which will be her first niece or nephew. Rumer Willis is also a well-known actress, and she is expecting her first child with Derek Richard Thomas, who has been her boyfriend for a long time.

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More About Her Dating Experiences

Regarding Tallulah’s past relationships, she dated Morgan MacDonald in 2016. Today, Morgan is likely single. Regarding their past relationship, neither party has disclosed much detail. She was in a relationship with Lucas Vercetti from 2012 to 2014.

Vercetti is likely single today as well. Lucas Vercetti is a member of the American hip-hop group. After this, she began dating the renowned filmmaker Dillon Buss, with whom she is now engaged.

Who is Tallulah Willis Dating

The followers anticipate the couple’s marriage and the beginning of a new life. Additionally, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis want their youngest daughter to walk down the aisle.

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The couple appeared to be deeply in love, and both have recently been focused on their respective careers.

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