My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog Episode 3 Release Date: When Will It is Available to Watch?


Are you looking forward to the third episode of My Life as Inukai-Dog? san’s Unfortunately, there are a lot of anime series out there that, at first glance, make people think it’s going to be some smutty, dumb show that’s all about titillating certain parts of the characters and has no point.

My Life As Inukai-Dog san’s is one of these shows. Most people are going to throw this series away, and it’s going to be one of those shows where a lot of articles will be written about how this is the end of anime.

This is what I think about the Winter 2023 anime season’s 12-episode series My Life as Inukai-Dog. san’s Again, I don’t see the real message underneath the depth of the characters, which does need to be looked at.

My Life As Inukai-Dog San starts with a guy waking up in the middle of nowhere from the first-person point of view. It’s wet, cold, and freezing, and he has nowhere to go, can’t talk, and can’t move.

Then, Inukai, who this person knows, comes along, and she quickly picks him up and carries him all the way back to her house. He keeps asking himself, “What’s going on? Why can I talk?” Why can’t I say anything? Why does she have me? I actually go to school with this girl, and yes, the better question is why she can carry me.

When they get to Inuka San’s house, she puts him down and gets ready. When her mother comes, it’s clear from Inukai’s face that she doesn’t like her mother.

But for some reason, her mother’s expressions make her look very friendly, honest, and warm. She decides to have a bath since they just came in from outside, and for some reason, she brings the guy with her into the bath.

And that’s when he finally figured out why Inukai can carry him around: he’s become a dog. As Inukai is very comfortable with this dog, she doesn’t know that it used to be her classmate.

She thinks it’s just a puppy, so she tells everyone, brings him in, washes him down, washes herself down, and then makes puppy sounds and woofs.

All of this makes her happy, but now that she has this cute little dog with her, things get a little bit worse for this guy who has been turned into a dog.

Series My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog
Genre    Romantic Comedy
Written by         Itsutsuse
Country of Origin Japan
OTT Platform Tokyo MX, BS11
My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 3 Release Date January 21, 2023

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog Episode 3 Release Date: When Will It Air?

The next episode of your favourite anime show will be available as soon as possible. My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s Episode 3 came out on January 21, 2023, which is a Saturday.

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog Episode 3 Release Date

My Life As Inukai-San’s Dog Episode 3 Cast Details

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Quick Recap of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s Episode 2

Previous Episode 2 of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s starts with our main character, who thinks that if he can just get back to his room, he’ll be able to figure out what’s going on, since that’s the last thing he remembers before he turns into a dog.

When he really tries to open the door, Inuka picks him up and tells him not to scratch the door. He’s been a dog for a few days now, and he’s happy to be living with someone he really likes.

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However, he can’t remember much from before he woke up as a dog. Later, Inukai gives her a collar, and then they go for a walk.

Where Can I Watch My Life as Inukai-Dog? san’s Episode 3

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog Episode 3 Release Date

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You can watch Episode 3 of My Life as Inukai-Dog san’s and the other episodes of the anime series on Hidive and on the official YouTube channel for Ani-One Asia.

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