Teskilat Episode 62 Release Date: Recap of Previous Episode and Streaming Guideline|


The date that episode 62 of Teskilat will air is closer than you think. We’ll talk about the most recent episode of this Turkish drama, which has got a lot of love and support from the Turkish entertainment industry since it started.

This post will tell you about the next episode, such as when Teskilat episode 62 will air and how to watch it online. Omer’s move forces the operation to change how it works.

Hartley is almost there after putting his plan into action one step at a time. Omer and Zehra had to take the ammunition, so they raced against the clock in a dangerous and determined way through the field.

Hartley gets suspicious of Omar, so he forces him to take a test that will push him to the point of being found out. As a result of this exam, Hartley asks Omer to do something that takes him by surprise. When Efkar and Korkut decide to kill everyone, it starts a big fight.

Series Teskilat
Genre    Action, Drama
Filming Locations            Ankara
Country of Origin Turkey
OTT Platform TRT
Teskilat Episode 62 Release Date January 22, 2023

When Will Teskilat Episode 62 Come Out?

Sunday, January 22, 2023, is when episode 62 of Teskilat was released. In Turkey, episode 62 of Teskilat will air for the first time on TRT 1 at 8 p.m.

Review of Teskilat Episode 61

Zehra finds out who broke the team’s password, but this puts her in a very dangerous situation. As Omer’s “Hasan Atmaca” techniques are used to question Efkar, who started the war, Efkar knows that the situation is about to fall apart.

Teskilat Episode 62 Release Date

Now, Korkut has to face the problem he has been trying to avoid for a long time. Since Zehra can’t remember who the spy is, the squad starts going in four different directions. Sacide gives Efkar the passport because she can no longer keep their relationship a secret. Hasan then questions Efkar. Then we see that this behaviour puts Suicide and Efkar at odds.

Efkar wants to find out who is calling. Everyone on the team digs in for the retaliation operation. Mer and Zehra are willing to put their lives at risk to finish their mission, even though they are up against many enemies.

As Efkar keeps looking for it, he will find that his history is written on the base of the neck. After doing a great job in the terrorist camp, the crew has gone back to Istanbul to wait for new missions.

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Since his plan didn’t work, Hartley now focuses on getting what he wants. Using what they learned in training, the team members try to guess what will happen when a violent act is done.

Efkar, who couldn’t stop thinking about the past, came out and told Mer something about Hasan Atmaca. When Korkut meets someone he didn’t expect to see, he realizes that the danger is on their side.

Hartley has a strange idea, but he doesn’t realize that if he follows through with it, he will be the one who suffers the most. Hartley’s plan worked, but it was very expensive.

When Celine finds out that Mer was just a spy who was killed, operations are put on high alert. The crew looks for the people who did what happened. Korkut’s plan to get Helen to like him is compared to someone he knows.

On the other hand, Efkar finds out more about an old enemy. Mer goes to talk to Hartley, and as the reconciliation between Zehra and Mer takes on a new form, she gets more and more in danger.

When Omer is pulled into the vortex, the arrows show him as he is about to die. When the team finds out from the information on Frederick’s laptop that there will be a murder, they try to figure out how it will happen. Hartley sees himself in a fight with Helen as he tries to figure out how he feels about Celine’s death.

Efkar and Korkut are taken by surprise while they are on their way to defend Sacide. Mer leaves to find the hired killer who will carry out the murder. He didn’t expect to meet the gunman he will meet at the end of this path.

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Hartley’s calliper throws everything out of whack, but the squad doesn’t realize they’re stuck.

Teskilat Episode 62 Cast Team Members

Where to Watch Teskilat Show?

Teskilat episode 62 will air for the first time in Turkey on TRT 1 at 8 p.m., but there is no way for fans outside of Turkey to watch it online. Streaming services that offer the show with subtitles aren’t able to show it right now.

Teskilat Episode 62 Release Date

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We hope that the show’s makers and creators will make a deal with a well-known streaming service so that everyone can watch it.

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