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When Will Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 Release and Where to Watch?

Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36

Rosen Garten Saga has been on hiatus for some time, with fans awaiting Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 for months. This week brought the excellent news that the next Tankabon volume of the manhwa will be released soon. And we all know that this means a new chapter will be available by then.

We shall examine the Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 release date and timing in all time zones throughout the world. But first, let’s take a look at what the most recent release had in store for us.

The stage repairs were nearly finished, and the four surviving teams had to prepare for the lottery. Meanwhile, one of the workers begs Witege for their life, pleading for another opportunity.

Witege, on the other hand, views them as a fool who is honestly reflecting on the pavement, and they have no regrets about it. TWA believes that if that is what his teacher wants, he would have no objections.

However, Witege believes they have finally turned their sword on him. The thrill of being deceived by a close friend, on the other hand, is something he should be looking forward to. So he prepares his sword to see if the worker is cursed, which he discovers is not the case.

Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 Release Date

Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 will be available on January 26, 2023. This is also the date of the next Tankobon manga publication. So the long-awaited break, which saw fans spend nearly a month without any updates, has finally come to an end. The following are the international release dates for various time zones.

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Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 35 Recap

‘Identity’ is the title of Rosen Garten Chapter 35. Witege is preparing to punish one of his employees for betraying him and pointing their swords at him. But, before he does so, he wants to confirm whether any curses were engaged in such an activity, as he suspects that a curse is a reason the worker did his crimes. However, Lynn has the same visage as Krimehild in his subconscious. But he doesn’t appear to be aware of it.

Diet also notices that the girl in question shares Lynn’s looks. But there is a curse that prevents them from realizing it. So the previously stated unattractive woman turned out to be a really stunning woman. And in that case, seeing Lynn’s face would be inappropriate for a lowly servant like him.

Torture without the ability to look her in the eyes was decided upon as a manner of punishment. But this incident has complicated matters because Diet believes it has made him fall in love with Lynn all over again.

However, a curse that not even Mimung can remove was employed. The curse could only be broken by a godly relic. Because Kriemhild holds the Nibellung ring, it may grant users requests in an unusual way. So it appears that the ring is their best hope for the time being.

Where Can I Read Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 Online?

Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36 will be available online at Wild Hero’s official website as well as all of its linked periodicals and publications. The manhwa has been on hiatus for a while.

However, new information suggests that the next Tankabon volume of the manhwa will be released soon. So, once new chapters are posted, make sure you read them on official channels.

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