What Caused Alex Fresh’s Unexpected Departure From “The Jubal Show”? 


Alex Fresh is a radio DJ who has been pushed into entertainment to manage the family business, from co-hosting, producing, and directing material to arrange standup comedy tours, where she has the unfortunate task of managing the crew.

Jubal, who has done standup in the Springs, has returned with his Show, which is joined by his wife, Alex Fresh, and “English” Evan.

Alex is Jugal’s wife, and she appeared on a podcast with him, which grew into three podcasts a week, and is now a radio show.

In addition to her radio work, the host is a HALO on Xbox beast who campaigns for the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Fans on The Jubal Show are reacting to a quick and rather unexpected change in the roster. Jubal Fresh’s wife Alex used to appear on the show, he hosts. Recently, though, Alex suddenly left the show, and Jubal and the rest of the show’s production staff have yet to officially address her departure.

On “The Jubal Show,” What Happened to Alex?

Alex was the only person to publicly acknowledge her departure from the show, and she did it via Instagram. Alex thanked her followers for their support following her departure from the show in the message, which was released on January 9, 2023. She also apologized for not replying faster to all of their messages inquiring where she had gone.

“I’ve been taking this time to focus on my mental health and self-care because I’ve discovered even resilience has a toll,” Alex stated in her statement. Alex, on the other hand, did not explain why she had left the program, instead signing out with further words of gratitude for all the support she had received from fans.


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“I had no idea how many of you I connected with, and I will be eternally grateful for the time I was given on the show to share my story with you,” she wrote. “I apologize for not answering all of your inquiries, but please give me some time. This isn’t farewell; it sees you soon.”

Although Alex addressed her departure, she clearly did not delve into what had happened, something many people still want to know.

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Is Alex Fresh Quitting “The Jubal Show”?

Yes, Alex announced her exit from the show in an Instagram post to her 27.6k followers under the account @thatdreas.

Alex was retained in August 2020 when her husband, Jubal, joined the station. Omelia had worked in sales at iHeartMedia Seattle before Alex hired him for the morning show “Carla Marie & Anthony” on 106.1 KBKS.

She stated that her resignation from ‘The Jubal Show’ was surprising.

Alex’s departure may be due to mental health and self-care issues, which have taken longer than intended.

Alex has expressed gratitude to her followers for their support and stated that she would be eternally grateful for her time on the show.

Alex has expressed gratitude to her followers for their support and stated that she would be eternally grateful for her time on the show.

The host also stated that she has yet to respond to many questions, but that she is not retiring, and she even hinted at her return.

Fans Are Losing Patience With the Lack of Response to Alex

The Jubal Show, which hasn’t updated on Facebook in about two weeks, is routinely plagued with comments from listeners who are confused as to why Alex quit so abruptly. All of this is exacerbated further by the fact that Alex is married to the show’s presenter, which makes Jubal’s refusal to discuss what happened to his wife even more bizarre.

“I feel that the fans need to know what happened to Alex,” one commenter said. “It would be especially helpful to know if Jubal, the show’s host, is doing well. Don’t do to Alex what they did to you on your previous station, Jubal. Just up and leave.”

Some fans believe Alex was driven off the show by the station, which explains why everyone has been so quiet about her departure.

For the time being, fans will have to wait for either The Jubal Show or Alex to break their silence and explain what happened. Alex appears to be planning to do so at some point, but she hasn’t specified when she expects to break her quiet.


Who exactly is Alex Fresh?

Alex is Jubal’s wife, and she has never liked to be the center of attention. She genuinely takes pride in being an introvert, but sadly for her, she married Jubal. Jubal persuaded her to do a podcast with him, which turned into three podcasts a week and is now a radio show.

Where Does the Jubal Show  Take Place?

The studios and offices are on Elliot Avenue West in Seattle’s Belltown area. Tiger Mountain in Issaquah houses the transmitter. The syndicated morning show The Jubal Show is broadcast on KBKS.

Why Was Jubal Fresh Fired?

This could have been due to creative differences between him and one of the newly recruited producers, according to the publication. According to the source, assistant producer Jeff Dubow was promoted to executive producer in December.

How Long Does the Jubal Show Last?

Listen to the Jubal Show live on your radio or the iHeart App every weekday from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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