Brent Rivera Girlfriend: Is Lexi Hensler Brent Rivera’s Ex-Girlfriend?


Brent Rivera is a well-known YouTuber among Generation Z! He rose to prominence on the now-defunct Vine before moving on to YouTube. Brent Rivera is well-known for his vlogs and amusing videos, which include pranks.

Brent Rivera, like his younger sister Lexi Rivera, is frequently caught up in dating rumors with fellow YouTubers. As a result, news about his personal relationship has always piqued the interest of many people!

Is Brent Rivera Still With His Girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski?

While many fans have long paired Brent Rivera with a variety of stunning girls, they should brace themselves for heartbreak because he has been in a stable relationship with Pierson Wodzynski since 2020!

Brent and Lexi Rivera initially met in an episode of Date Takeover in which Brent’s younger sister, Lexi Rivera, chose a suitable date for him. Pierson was one of the contenders. Brent and Pierson, on the other hand, did not date at the time and began dating after the show.


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Brent has been honest about his feelings for Pierson. He shared a short video on Instagram in July 2020 about “finally trying” to shoot his shot.

Although Pierson’s response caused people to believe that she had friend-zoned him, it appeared that Brent had finally persuaded Pierson as she uploaded multiple photographs of them cuddling poolside.

In 2021, the couple stunned followers by posting a photo of themselves dressed in suits and wedding gowns. Brent then revealed that they were dressed up for a prank video for his YouTube channel.

Brent and Pierson have spent a lot of time traveling together throughout their relationship. They even spent New Year’s Eve together in the Maldives!

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When Did Ex-girlfriend Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera Start Dating?

Remember the dating show Date Takeover we mentioned earlier? Eva Gutowski was also a contestant on the show. She was the one that actually began dating Brent Rivera!

Brent’s Instagram video of Eva kissing him in the midst of a busy street in downtown New York stunned followers in 2019.


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Brent was caught off guard as well! Fans’ opinions about Brent and Eva’s relationship grew after he tweeted a comparison photo of himself and Eva in Disneyland four years apart. Brent was warmly caressing Eva’s cheek in both images.

In an interview, Eva stated that while they did not label their relationship, Brent and her know that they “love each other so much” and “will be in each other’s life forever.”

Brent and Eva eventually split up in early 2020, and both have since gone on with other partners. Brent and Eva, on the other hand, remain friends, and he even commented on her new lover!

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Is Lexi Hensler Brent Rivera’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Brent Rivera and Lexi Hensler used to collaborate on videos and frequently appeared in each other. As a result, viewers naturally began to wonder if the two YouTubers were dating!

Brent also staged a hoax film with Lexi in which he kissed her in front of their mutual friends, Dom Brack and Brent’s now-girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski, which shocked fans.

While neither Brent nor Lexi has addressed the relationship rumors, they appear to be excellent friends. This is seen in Lexi’s film of Brent and Pierson’s Christmas date in 2021!

When Did Morgan Justus and Brent Rivera End Their Relationship?

Brent Rivera was rumored to be dating social media celebrity Morgan Justus in 2017.

Their relationship was relatively short-lived, lasting barely a few months. Brent’s relationship was likewise the least reported.

While the reason for their split is still unknown, people believe it was not amicable because Brent and Morgan no longer follow each other on social media!

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