Buddy Daddies Episode 4 Release Date: Is Buddy Daddies Based on a True Story?


Despite the fact that it is a new anime, episode three of Buddy Daddies has already captured the hearts of fans. The episode was popular on the internet because of its poignant moments. After learning about Miri’s birth mother’s pregnancy, the show’s viewers were devastated.

Kazuki and Rei will embark on motherhood in Buddy Daddies Episode 4. Fans of the show have been tweeting about it. They are still reeling from the dramatic events of the last episode. It will be fascinating to see if the next episode can match the previous one. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know.

The previous episode focused extensively on Rei’s tough childhood. Furthermore, viewers came to see why Rei finds it so difficult to grasp father-child interactions.

The narrative, however, takes an emotional turn when Rei assumes the role of Miri’s father. The next episode will be just as moving as the previous one. Continue reading to learn more.

Buddy Daddies Episode 3: Recap

In the previous episode, we saw Kazuki realize how many problems he had brought home. Taking care of a child is not an easy task, as the boys discover it all too soon. Furthermore, they feel ethically responsible for delivering Miri to her mother because they would be unable to care for her in this line of work.

They begin looking for her mother’s location and contact another person. He also allocated them to another job, which they were about to begin. They were about to depart when they realized Miri couldn’t be left behind in the house, so they took her with them; nevertheless, Miri had an emergency and blew up their covers in the middle of the work.

The youngsters managed to escape, although their strategy was not entirely effective. They did, however, locate Miri’s mother’s address. In the end, we observe an unknown person murdering the folks the boys had previously visited. The figure appeared to be sinister and lethal. While the lads intended to leave Miri behind, they were unable to do so.

In the following episode, we saw the lads approaching the mother and handing the child to her, but Miri began to cry and call them out as she realized what was going on. They couldn’t leave her behind; she had now become a member of their family, and this time, it was Rei who brought Miri back.

It would be intriguing to observe where their lives go now that Miri is an intrinsic part of them. How will they deal with their foe from the past while caring for a child? In what ways will this young child alter their life?

Buddy Daddies Episode 4: When Will It Be Released?

The fourth episode of Buddy Daddies will be released on January 28, 2023. At midnight JST, it will be shown on Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, and other local Japanese stations. Crunchyroll is now available to international viewers.

Previous Episode Summary!

Buddy Fathers The anime’s third episode was titled “Spice of Life.” In the episode, Kazuki made the decision to return Miri to her mother. Rei, on the other hand, was having second thoughts.

The Child Protection Squad approaches Miri as she is at the park. They believe she is alone. Kazuki, on the other hand, gets it right in time. She claims to Miri and chastises Rei for not handling the situation appropriately. Miri afterward tries her hardest to make Rei happy. She is, however, unsuccessful in her efforts.

The next day, Kazuki meets Miri’s mother and is enraged because he knows how much she wants to get rid of her child. At the same time, Rei makes every effort to play with Miri in the park.

Miri is caught by two police officers in the park and begins crying. Rei resolves to be a better father than his father. He saves Miri by pretending to be her father. The three later reunite and return home.

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Buddy Daddies Episode 4: What Will Come Next?

Kazuki and Rei will become parents in the following episode. It will be the duo’s first time. The day will be difficult for the two of them. They will also eventually sign up for a new mission. “Kyuutaro” will be the assignment’s handler.

In previous episodes, we saw how Miri nearly ruined Rei and Kazuki’s missions. This time, the two will design a better strategy to guarantee Miri does not disrupt their work once more.

 Buddy Daddies Episode 4 Release Date & What We Know So Far

Rei will gradually become attached to Miri. He will make every effort to be a better father. Buddy Father Kazuki will be proud of Rei’s efforts in Episode 4.

The upcoming episode will center on Rei’s personal growth. Miri failed to make Rei smile in the previous episode. However, due to Miri, Rei will be continually smiling in episode four.

What Can We Expect From Buddy Daddies Episode 4?

The upcoming events are rather uncertain because the series is a unique product with no light novel or manga source materials. However, based on where the previous episode, “Spice of Life,” left off, Rei and Kazuki will start their first day as Miri’s parents, which will not be as simple as falling off a log.

Rei and Kazuki will very certainly be dispatched to a new task by their handler, “Kyuutaro.” Given how Miri jeopardized Rei and Kazuki’s past two missions, resulting in severe disappointment for Kyuutaro, they will design a better method to ensure Miri does not get herself into trouble again by interfering with their line of work.


Finally, the fourth episode of Buddy Daddies is a fantastic addition to the series. While investigating their relationships, we observe the two main characters working together to attain their goal.

The audience can feel a variety of emotions as a result of their experiences and misadventures, ranging from laughter and delight to despair and disappointment. Buddy Daddies Episode 4 has something for everyone and teaches key lessons about friendship and endurance.


Buddy Daddies is Available on Which Streaming Services?

Buddy Daddies can be found on the Buddy-anime project.

Buddy Daddies is Available in Which Languages?

Buddy Daddies is also available in Japanese.

Is Buddy Daddies Based on a True Story?

Buddy Daddies is a made-up story.

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