Soul Land Season 2 Episode 244 Release Date: How to Watch Online?


What happens when we pass away? Some believe we go to nothing, while others believe we go to heaven or hell. Some people also think that our souls can be reborn. The fancy name for it is reincarnation. Reincarnation is a fascinating but controversial subject.

And, as with other philosophical ideas, it is unsupported by scientific evidence. When it comes to fiction plots, though, everything is possible, and the theme of reincarnation is a popular one in Chinese animation. Soul Land is a Donghua in which a man dies and is reincarnated in a strange land.

This is how the narrative goes. Tang San is a prodigy when it comes to weapons. No one has surpassed him as the top student in the Tang Sect martial art clan. All of the elders thought he had a bright future until he took banned sect lore.

He threw aside everything his life had to offer because stealing precious lore ended in the thief’s execution. But Tang had already absorbed all of the information in the book, and he no longer saw the sense in living. So he planned to commit suicide by jumping from Hell’s Peak.

However, this was not the end of his story. Tang San was reborn into another realm after his unfortunate death. In this strange world, everyone has a unique spirit within them that can be refined and, with enough strength, can acquire talents and gifts.

People who have such spirits can become spiritual masters, which is regarded as the most respectable vocation. Tang’s spirit, however, was that of the Blue Silver Grass, which was a fairly useless spirit, as he quickly discovered. His spirit force, on the other hand, is powerful.

Tang must now conquer his hurdles and, with the help of his memories from his former existence, become a great spiritual master in his new life. How will he go about it?

Soul Land Season 2 Episode 244 Date of Release 

Soul Land episode 244 will be released on Saturday, January 28, 2023. The following are the release dates:

9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (Saturday. January 28, 2023)
7:30 a.m. in Indian Standard Time ( Sunday, January 29, 2023)
2:00 a.m., Greenwich Mean Time ( Sunday, January 29, 2023)
11:00 a.m. in Japan Standard Time (Sunday, January 29, 2023)

Soul Land Episode 243 Recap

Qian Renxue’s Angel God Inheritance exam continues, and she reaches a very dark and wide room for her ninth test. She wonders what the ninth test is all about and then recalls the Angel God’s comments. The Angel God advised her that she needed to overcome three hurdles in her heart in order to pass the ninth test.

As she mulls over those words, the environment around her begins to light up, and Qian Daoliu’s feather begins to sparkle. Qian Renxue begins to wonder if the first barrier in her heart was her deceased grandfather. She recognizes she must move on from her grandfather’s death.

She resolves to overcome her inner darkness and fulfill her grandfather’s wishes. The Angel God then comes in front of her. The Angel God shows Qian Renxue all of her grandfather’s memories in order to assist her to continue through the test.

Soul Land Season 2 Episode 244 Date of Release How to Watch Online

The feather falls from Qian Renxue’s grip and lands on the ground, revealing a flashback of her grandfather. Qian Daoliu and Tang Chen both go to meet Bo Saixi in the flashback. Tang Chen and Qian Daoliu are rivals, and Qian Daoliu swears that if he cannot defeat Tang Chen in his lifetime, his successors will.

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Tang San, meanwhile, is in the jungle completing the ninth test. To achieve this, he must raise his dual martial souls to the ninth ring level and collect all of the soul’s bones while defeating the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Suddenly, a domain appears in the forest, causing the weaker soul monsters to flee.

Because the area was created by a spirit beast, there was peril ahead. Tang San noticed two spirit creatures fighting each other using their separate domains, one of which had a dark domain. Tang San summons his sea deity light in order to suppress the dark domain.

Tang San is startled as the beast emerges in front of him, and he understands it is Dark Demon Dagger. Qian Renxue is still engrossed in her grandfather’s memories at this moment. Qian Daoliu claims that Bo Saixi instructs Tang Chen to become a hundred-level god in order for her to reject Qian Daoliu.

Tang Chen, according to Bo Siaxi, does not understand the struggle of the gods and is envious of him because he is strong and free, unlike them.

Qian Daoliu assures him that if she follows him, she may be able to change her fate. She relies on the fact that each of them was close to their gods, which is why the gods protect them, and for that, they must repay the god.

Bo Siaxi says becoming a god is a sorrowful and lonely journey, and Qian Daoliu adds he hopes the successor he chooses will continue in his footsteps and accomplish his intentions.

Where Can I Watch Episode 244?

Soul Land episode 244 is available on Dailymotion and YouTube. You may view earlier episodes for free by clicking here. Tencent QQ broadcasts it in China.

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