The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 4 Release Date: Will There Be a Season 2?


The mysterious Schwartz and his remarkable martial arts skills are introduced in Episode 4 of the popular anime series The Tale of the Outcasts.

Tachibana and Jinguuji, who have been traveling with him since episode 4, meet him and learn more about his background. Schwartz is a good swordsman, but he is also a nice and generous individual.

He assists them in understanding their current circumstances, and his martial arts knowledge aids them in their goal.

Viewers get a taste of Schwartz’s amazing power in this episode and may expect to see him confront opponents in future episodes.

This blog article will discuss The Tale Of The Outcasts Episode 4’s release date, spoilers, recap, and everything else you need to know. Prepare yourselves because this is going to be an awesome opening to an incredible series.

Episode 3  Recap

The episode begins with a lady fleeing away from something or someone, stopping at a body of water, and looking behind her. Behind her, a massive sea monster (akin to One Punch Man’s Sea King) approaches, and we hear a terrible death scream.

Wisteria and Marbas (in human form) arrive in Wennington, looking for a safe place to reside because the church and his Knights brother are causing problems for them. Wisteria is now blind after serving his eyes to Marbas and forming a pact.

Harriet tries to pickpocket them with his low-level pion demon Maury, who resembles a cat but is caught by the demon lord. In retaliation for their actions, Marbas demands that Harriet feed Wisteria whatever she possesses.

Marbas told Wisteria that they would leave from here tomorrow because he does not want to get into any difficulty. Marbas revealed to her their intended destination, which is the District of Lakes, where his friend lives. Maury is secretly listening in on their talk and does not want them to depart so soon.

The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 4 Release Date When Will Episode 4 Be Released

When both Maury and Harriet drive Wisteria throughout the town and finally near the water, we learn that Maury plans to feed Wisteria to the water monster in place of Harriet. The water monster appears and attacks Harriet the instant she discovers the truth.

The Sword Cross Knights arrive just in time to deal with this. They behead and kill it, but receive a powerful signal from Wisteria, who holds a Marbas hair. Marbas steps in between them before anything further happens. Marbas and the Knights get into a fatal popcorn fight.

Maury injures himself after taking firearms for Wisteria. Harriet is killed by the creatures, and it is her ghost that saves them thanks to their Pact.

Harriet instructs Maury to devour her soul and cure itself before becoming absorbed in Maury. The episode concludes with Marbas revealing his feelings for people after meeting Wisteria and now witnessing Harriet’s dilemma.

When Will the Tale of the Outcasts Season 1 Episode 4 Be Released?

The highly awaited and demanded wait for Episode 4 has come to an end. The Tale of the Outcasts Season 1 Episode 4 will be released on Sunday, January 29th, 2023. The series is expected to be released every Sunday, with a one-week hiatus between each episode. The show is a sure mix of happiness and sadness.

In other countries, the release date is as follows:

  • 02:00 PM British Summer Time; Sunday, January 29, 2023
  • 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time; Sunday, January 29, 2023
  • Monday, 30 January 2023, 11:30 p.m. Australian Central Time
  • 7:00 a.m. Central Time; Sunday, January 29, 2023
  • 5:00 a.m. Pacific Time; Sunday, January 29, 2023

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What is the Tale of the Outcasts Season 1’s Unique Storyline?

Wisteria is a young orphan who grew up in a remote section of the British Empire at the end of the nineteenth century. Her life is sad and bleak until she encounters Marbas, a powerful but lonely immortal being with a furry appearance who is being pursued by hunters.

Wisteria and Marbas journey around the Empire, inhabited by people and humanoid monsters, in search of a region where they can coexist together.

The Tale of the Outcasts Episode 4 Release Date: When Will Episode 4 Be Released?

Where Can I Watch the Tale of the Outcasts Episode 4?

For Japanese consumers, the show is already airing on Tokyo MX and other networks such as YTV, FBfuji, and others. The episodes are accessible in English on Crunchyroll, which obtained all of the rights to the manga’s anime adaptation.

Crunchyroll is a subscription-based platform that provides legal access to a wide range of other good and classic anime. Only the first and second episodes are free to watch. You must be a member or subscriber to view the most recent Episode.

The plot is unique in its own right, making the viewer feel more connected to and engaged in the universe. Give this anime a go because it’s only recently gained popularity.

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On January 29, 2023, the fourth episode of the anime series ‘The Tale of the Outcasts’ was published. Stacey, a social outsider at work, finds herself in a terrible situation in this episode.

Wisteria, a strange girl living in the British Empire at the end of the nineteenth century, imparts upon her a magical gift. Stacey can finally break out of her shell and undergo a spectacular transformation with the help of this magical gift.

Finally, she may acquire the respect of her peers and find her place. In addition, Charles Hartford, Wisteria’s mysterious benefactor, exposes his true identity in this episode.

The Tale of the Outcasts anime series is a heartwarming narrative about friendship and acceptance, and this last episode neatly sums off the story.


Will There Be a Season 2 of the Tale of the Outcasts?

There has been no confirmation of The Tale Of The Outcasts season 2 as of yet.

Is There a Trailer for Episode 4 of the Tale of the Outcasts?

There is currently no promo for The Tale Of The Outcasts episode 4.

How Many Episodes Will the Tale of the Outcasts Season 1 Have?

The good news is that The Tale Of The Outcasts Season 1 will not drag on. In actuality, the season will be limited to 12 episodes. The Tale Of The Outcasts Season 1 promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking television experience, thanks to its engaging plot and varied cast.

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