Is Josie Canseco Dating Anyone? Brody Jenner Didn’t Want Josie Canseco’s New Relationship Pressure!


Bryant Eslava made it possible for a young talent named Josie Canseco to be discovered. It was during the Coachella Music Festival that a photo of Josie Canseco and her friend Charlotte D’Alessio became viral.

Josie Canseco then drew notice because she dated Logan Paul, a YouTuber, and social media influencer. She formerly dated Brody Jenner, an American television personality, model, and disc jockey.

A Dramatic Story About Josie Canseco and Logan Paul’s Relationship

Logan Paul should have recognized that his connection with Josie Canseco would produce controversy if she had an overprotective father like Jose Canseco.

It became real when Jose Canseco revealed in December 2020 that his daughter and Logan had a horrible separation, and there were various problems leading up to the breakup. Fortunately, Logan Paul handled the situation gently, claiming that there was no unneeded drama during his divorce.

After the story spread in early 2020, the two began dating in May 2020. On Twitter, photographs of Josie and Logan holding hands while wearing matching masks circulated. According to the caption, Josie Canseco and Logan Paul were not your typical pair.

They were the power couple instead. That tweet, posted on July 19, 2020, received six retweets and fifty likes.

Is Josie Canseco Dating Anyone? Her Previous Relationship

Charlotte D’Alessio, like Josie, is a model and a close friend of Josie Canseco. Josie discussed her connection with Logan Paul on Charlotte D’Alessio’s podcast, Between Good and Evil. Josie revealed in that podcast that she had been dating Logan for a few months before making it public.

Logan, according to the model, vlogs constantly during the early stages of their relationship. And Josie was always heading over to his house late at night to hang out with him.

Josie and Logan had an on-again, off-again romance from February 2020 to November 2020.

However, none of them explained why. Logan personally revealed the separation on his Impaulsive show.

Their voyage was brief, but let us hope it was the best decision they could have made.

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Brody Jenner Didn’t Want Josie Canseco’s New Relationship Pressure

When his remark was made public, Brody Jenner may have come seen as a coward to women. According to E! News, Brody ended their connection because it had become too serious, and the guy didn’t want the burden of a new commitment.

The relationship, which lasted only two months in 2019, may have upset Josie Canseco, who had high expectations for Brody and was excited about their relationship.

Unfortunately, Brody had been traveling for his music and was attempting to concentrate on himself. Furthermore, Brody still wanted to have fun and needed more time to prepare for a new commitment.

In terms of their first meeting, Brody met Josie at a hotel party in New York City through co-stars Frankie Delgado and Brandon Lee.

Josie and Brody’s relationship moved quickly, with the actor making their relationship official on Instagram just a few weeks after his divorce from Kaitlynn Carter. Josie had also been seen with Brody several times following the announcement of his breakup.

Brody and Josie appeared to be getting serious as they were seen kissing. This occurred on August 22, 2019, as Brody celebrated his 36th birthday in Beverly Hills. Later, Josie and Brody spent quality time together by going to Malibu Beach.

Is Josie Canseco Dating Anyone Her Previous Relationship

People could see Brody, who was dressed in a white shirt and cap, being kissed by Josie, who was dressed in a white tank top. Brody and Josie were also seen on the beach playing with the actor’s dog at the time.

However, their last romantic event occurred in early October. Brody and Josie were captured as they packed their PDA for pictures on their way to an early Halloween celebration at Nights of the Jack.

Later that month, in the final week of October, Josie posted a selfie with lyrics from Ariana Grande’s breakup song, 7 Rings.

“Who would’ve imagined it’d turn me into a savage,” Josie wrote, referring to the October breakup with Brody Jenner.

Though it was an unpleasant situation, we can only wish for the best for the two.

Mike Stud, a Rapper Who Loved Being With Josie Canseco

A musician was said to have dated Josie Canseco in the past. He was Mike Stud, and he had been intimately involved with Josie for three years.

The couple began dating in 2015, shortly after Canseco was featured in a music video wearing only a bra and a pair of pants.

Despite the fact that Josie’s father previously threatened Mike Stud, the two were able to get along and soon began their loving journey.

Mike did feel excited when he dated Josie, as he noted in an interview, “I couldn’t have wished for a better companion to grasp stuff. Josie and I have worked far harder and for much longer than anyone thought.

Josie has been accommodating and understanding of our predicament.” “There have been hard times and humps to overcome,” he continued, “but we both continue to do it.”

And the secret to their long-lasting romance was that Mike and Josie respected and appreciated each other. They constantly told each other that their lives were not typical.

Is Josie Canseco Dating Anyone Her Previous Relationship

Mike, on the other hand, is a rapper with a demanding schedule. “I’m not fascinated with him being around me all day,” Josie explained. But, in the end, we have this incredible connection and bond. There is nothing that could separate us.”

Their bond grew stronger by the day. On November 12, 2015, a photo of Josie and Mike went viral after the model kissed Mike. Josie and Mike were out with pals at Warwick in Hollywood at the time.

Unfortunately, when they chose to split up in 2018, those wonderful moments had to come to an end. People began to misinterpret Mike’s closeness to other women because the split was quite quiet.

However, Josie later revealed that they had been separated for some time. Josie made this comment in order to reassure her fans.

Josie Canseco was always thoughtful with her ex-partners. She didn’t want to say anything negative and always saw the bright side of things.

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