Who Has Gerald Maxwell Rivera Dated? Was Julissa Bermudez formerly Maxwell’s wife?


Maxwell was born on May 23, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York. Gerald Maxwell Rivera is his birth name, and he is 49 years old.

Gerald Maxwell Rivera, best known by his stage names Maxwell and Musze, is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor from the United States. Maxwell, along with fellow singers D’Angelo and Erykah Badu, has been recognised for contributing to establishing the “neo-soul” genre that arose in the late 1990s.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, he performed around New York before earning a record contract in 1994.

Gerald’s wealth and brilliant profession made it unsurprising that he was romantically linked to a slew of A-listers. Fans wonder if he has opted to settle down with any of the females he has dated!

Is Gerald Maxwell Rivera Married?

Gerald Maxwell Rivera has been linked to Deimante Guobyte, a supermodel, since 2013. The couple was initially seen together in late 2013 but chose to keep their affair under wraps.

Gerald and Deimante were last seen having fun in the sun on a Miami beach seven months later.

Who Has Maxwell Dated? An Overview of His Relationship History

Gerald was seen clicking multiple images of his supermodel fiancée in paparazzi photos, eager about preserving memories of their beach holiday.

Despite this, the couple was rarely seen together after that. Gerald and Deimante have not addressed the wedding rumours, and fans wish them the best!

Was Julissa Bermudez formerly Maxwell’s wife?

Gerald Maxwell Rivera once enjoyed pleasant moments with Julissa Bermudez before he was seen enjoying fun with Deimante Guobyte.

They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves as they continued to touch each other while basking in the sun.

Who Has Maxwell Dated? An Overview of His Relationship History

While paparazzi photos showed them being a lot more tactile for pals, Julissa’s agents claimed that they were not exclusive.

Gerald’s relationship with Julissa was clearly a hookup setup, based on how soon he moved on with Deimante!

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Camila Alves: The One and Only Girlfriend?

Some rumours circulated among fans in 2004 about the presence of a woman who dumped Gerald Maxwell Rivera.

Gerald was so broken by this occasion that he had to take some time off and put his music career on hold!

This rumour later became an urban legend among Gerald’s supporters, who were sure that the lady in question was Camila Alves. Gerald and Camila were once linked after being photographed together.

Who Has Maxwell Dated? An Overview of His Relationship History

It’s unclear what caused their alleged split or even if the reports were accurate. Camila, on the other hand, has a lovely family with Matthew McConaughey.

Gerald Maxwell Rivera and Ananda Lewis’s Relationship

Gerald Maxwell Rivera allegedly dated MTV personality Ananda Lewis in 1998, at the height of his popularity. I mean, a celebrity and an MTV VJ? That’s like a power couple from the 1990s!

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long, as one would expect from two public figures with such busy schedules.


Who Has Maxwell Dated?

Maxwell’s Relationship History. Maxwell has collaborated on songs with Doutzen Kroes and Sade. Maxwell is rumoured to be dating Miredys Peguero. Maxwell is a 46-year-old singer from the United States.

Is the Musician Maxwell Married?

Maxwell is a single man.

Maxwell Has How Many Children?

He does not have any children.

What Country is Maxwell From?


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