Netflix Make My Day Release Date: Anime Says That Instead of Being a Movie, It Will Now Be a Series!


Netflix announced a new horror anime series called “Exception” during Geeked Week. And now, the content behemoth has announced another anime feature called Make My Day, which appears to be inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Horror anime hasn’t had as many series as other genres such as romance, comedy, and, of course, shonen, but if Netflix’s upcoming shows are any indication, more artists are branching out into more frightening stories.

There isn’t much information about Netflix’s Make My Day anime other than the announcement and a single image. Learn everything you need to know right here.

The streaming service is clearly attempting to differentiate itself by focusing on a narrow subset of anime topics. Yasuo Ohtagaki’s story inspired Make My Day. The creator of popular sci-fi manga such as Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt and Moonlight Mile.

Netflix describes it as a “must-see sci-fi epic” and praises the project’s international cast and crew. Make My Day is, in fact, an anime series, according to Netflix. It is not an animated film, as previously stated.

Make My Day Anime: Release Date

The Make My Day anime series, as seen in a new trailer with English subtitles, is set to premiere on Netflix on February 2, 2023. It also serves as a frightening backstory of the horrors to come in the anime world.

It will, however, be available in various Netflix regions and languages. Fans of gloomy topics should watch the anime because it has a military-like serious atmosphere. Finally, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more information on this.

Make My Day Anime: Cast

  • Jim is played by Masaomi Yamahashi.
  • Walter is played by Kazuhiro Yamaji.
  • Marnie is played by Ayahi Takagaki.
  • Bark is played by Akio Tsuka.
  • Cathy Beck is played by Atsuko Tanaka.

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New Trailer for Make My Day Anime

One of the original series coming to Netflix in 2023 is Make My Day, written by renowned mangaka Yasuo Othagaki. This commercial movie may be entertaining if you’re looking for the exit.

The series was directed by Makoto Honda at the Taiwanese 3D computer animation studio 5 Inc. It was created by Kiyotaka Oshiyama and Shoji Kawamori. The music for each episode was written by Kensuke Ushio.

A new science fiction horror anime called Make My Day will soon make its Netflix debut. And a fresh teaser video for the program was just released by the streaming service.

Make My Day Anime Storyline

In Yasuo Ohtagaki’s epic survival science fiction series, mankind battles an unknown alien lifeform on a frozen world. The plot is summarised as follows in the official synopsis: The planet Coldfoot is covered in snow and ice, but it has a valuable energy source known as sig.

On the surface, the planet appears to be a peaceful and crime-free paradise. Nonetheless, prisoners are forced to perform backbreaking sig mining work. A terrible mining disaster prompts Jim, a juvenile jail guard, to rush to the scene. When he arrives, he discovers a strange beast attacking the people present.

Make My Day Was Originally a Netflix Film

As previously stated, the anime was first revealed at Geeked Week 2021, where we got a first look at the planet’s surface where the film is set.

Having said that, Netflix first teased a partnership with Ohtagaki in February 2020, which would expand its anime lineup.

To begin with, all of Netflix’s references to the project indicated that it would be a film, but as we now know, it has evolved into a series.


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