Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend: Inside Pedro Pascal’s Romantically Linked Dating History!


Pedro Pascal is a well-known name in the film industry thanks to his well-known biographical crime series Narcos. He couldn’t help himself. With films like Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Wonder Woman, and Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise he’s well-known.

He holds three Gold Derby Prizes and has been nominated for many other awards, including the MTV Movie + TV Awards and the CCA Super Award.

We’d all like to know about his personal life and relationships. As a result, he was associated to a slew of A-listers, including Lena Headey, Robin Tunney, and many others.

Full Name José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal
Birth date April 2, 1975
Birth Place Santiago
Age 47
Horoscope Aries
Profession TV Actor
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M
Martial Status Single
Height 5′ 11″
Ethnicity Multiracial
Nationality Chilean
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Hair Color Light Brown

Pedro Pascal: is He Married?

Pedro Pascal, the Mandalorian actor, is not married as of 2023. He is currently unattached. He also keeps his connection covert. He seldom discussed it in interviews or on social media.

He has an Instagram account, but we see nothing that indicates anything about his love life. He discusses his personal opinions on several matters, as well as images of his family and activities.

Nonetheless, none of them come close to revealing his partner. Well, it is safe to state that he is currently enjoying his single life and concentrating on his career.


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It appears that he does not require frequent relationship news to keep the media interested in him or to pique people’s interest in him. He has a lot of interesting things going on in his life, one of which is how hard he works.

Pedro’s achievement did not come easily. He was fired 17 times in high school when he was preparing to pursue an acting career and needed money to do so.

Pedro was sacked from several jobs in the food industry before entering the film industry. So it’s a good thing he didn’t give up until acting paid off for him.

Aside from that, speculations about him never seem to stop. From certain women he has been affiliated with, to the rumour that he is gay. We will learn everything there is to know about Pedro Pascal’s life here.

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Pedro Pascal and Robin Tunney Dating Rumors After Sharing Sushi

Pedro was speculated to be dating The Mentalist actress Robin Tunney in 2015.

The story began when they were both seen leaving Los Angeles’ Sushi Park Restaurant in 2015.

Robin and Pedro grabbed some photos together while attending the 2015 Emmy Awards. It wasn’t apparent whether the two were arriving as a couple or individually. They both looked great, though.

Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend: Inside Pedro Pascal's Romantically Linked Dating History

We’ll never know for sure because neither of them appears interested in addressing the rumour. However, several media outlets claimed that they never dated in real life and that it was all a rumour.

Is Pedro Pascal the Father of Lena Headey’s Second Child? All the Truths Have Been Revealed!

Apart from the Star Wars trilogy, everyone likes Pedro from Game of Thrones. It’s difficult not to!

Some rumours arose throughout his stay on the show, notably with his co-star, Lena Headey. Pedro and Lena were dating while they spent so much time together on set in 2014.

Not only that, but Lena and Pedro were said to be engaged! According to some reports, they were even seen shopping for an engagement ring together. Is that correct, though?

In a 2019 interview with Reddit Q&A, Pedro expressed his admiration for Lena.

“One of my favourites is Lena. And she is a wonderful person, a wonderful friend, and a wonderful mother.”

Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend Inside Pedro Pascal's Romantically Linked Dating History

“I think everyone on that set and everybody who comes into contact with her develops an instant crush,” he added. That interview, however, does not imply that he has verified the relationship. Instead, he called her “a close buddy.”

Lena swiftly ignored the notion, especially when people began making far too many assumptions about her pregnancy a year after the news broke. Lena confessed that the baby is hers and Dan Cadan’s (who she was dating at that time and has now become her husband).

She also stated that she and Pedro were not involved in any way (just in case some people assumed she was having an affair with him). So, once again, the rumour was proven false.

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For More Than 20 Years, Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson Were Best Friends

Pedro has also been linked to Sarah Paulson of American Horror Story. For both of their admirers, it is no secret that they have been best friends for as long as they can remember. People are surprised to learn that they have become a couple.

They initially met while they were teenagers in New York. Pedro Pascal and Sarah Paulson were in their early stages of pursuing a career in Hollywood at the time. Even though the industry has its ups and downs, they have managed to stay in touch and are closest friends to this day.

Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend Inside Pedro Pascal's Romantically Linked Dating History

However, they are less likely to be a pair. Besides, neither Pedro nor Sarah verified anything, and the story quickly faded. Their bond, however, was stronger than all of Pedro’s rumours.

Official Relationship of One and Only Pedro: Maria Dizzia From Law and Order

We finally arrived to the stage where Pedro Pascal’s relationship was confirmed. LOL. But that was far too long because Pedro’s most recent real relationship was with Law and Order actress Maria Dizzia in 1990. They began dating since they worked together on the show.

Pedro played abductor Reggie (who appeared to be hot), and Maria played Melinda “Sugar” Whitman. The two fell in love almost immediately, right from the start of their first meeting.

Who is Pedro Pascal Girlfriend Inside Pedro Pascal's Romantically Linked Dating History

Maria and Pedro rose to prominence after appearing on Law & Order. She went on to have major roles in Modern Love and 13 Reasons Why.

Although there is no clear evidence on how long they were dating, several trustworthy sources said that it was only for a short time. Nonetheless, this is the only official relationship that Pedro bothered to discuss throughout the interview.

Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

The rumours did not end there. People assumed Pedro was gay due to the lack of a formal partnership during his career, and he has been hiding his boyfriend all this time. He played Oberyn in Game of Thrones very effectively, especially following his role as a bisexual character.

Despite the rumours, Pedro is never afraid to express his support for the LGBTQ+ community. On September 28, 2018, for example, he tweeted his contempt for straight individuals who thought they were superior than LGBTQ+ people and people of colour.

“I’m sorry we’re ladies, queers, and have brown skin. These horrible cowardly shits, these hypocritical, dishonest, soulless meatbags.”

Not only that, but he also tweeted, “#HappyPrideMonth to the WORLD! #BeProudEveryday.”

That’s it, people: his support for LGBTQ+ individuals and his lack of a romantic connection do not automatically imply that he is gay; even if he is, we should accept him. Pedro never claimed to be or not to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but he has always expressed his entire support for them.


How Many Romantic Relationships Did Pedro Pascal Maintain?

In the past, Pedro Pascal has had at least two relationships.

What is Pedro Pascal’s Relationship Status?

Pedro Pascal is single.

Pedro Pascal’s height?

5′ 11″

Has Pedro Pascal Been Tattooed?

Pedro Pascal is an American actor best known for playing Oberyn in the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. On his body, he has four tattoos.

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