Who is Quincy Brown’s Wife? Facts About His Dating History!


Quincy Brown, an American actor, and singer may not be widely discussed by the public or the media, but his personal life has piqued the interest of his fans.

He prefers to keep his personal life as private as possible, but the list of women who have been linked to him throughout his career is too intriguing to ignore.

For starters, Kourtney Kardashian and Amber Rose are on the list. If those two names aren’t enough to pique your interest, keep reading to learn more about Quincy’s other relationships.

Ryan Destiny Quincy’s New Girlfriend?

In the Fox series, star actor Quincy Brown prefers to keep his personal life private. However, it’s difficult to do so when the paparazzi are constantly on him.

We can already guess that Quincy was once linked to one of his series co-stars, Ryan Destiny. But was it just a rumor, or did it turn into something more?

Quincy and Ryan worked together at Star from 2016 to 2017. Their on-screen chemistry was too strong to ignore, and we can see why so many people despised them.

Unfortunately, Ryan Destiny and Quincy Brown never actually dated. Their romance was limited to the screen. Ryan admitted as much when she appeared on Wendy Williams’ show.

Who is Quincy Brown's Wife: Facts About His Dating History

“Quincy and I get along fine. Ryan responded, “He’s been super down to earth since day one,” when Wendy William inquired about her relationship with Quincy.

However, when Wendy inquired whether or not they ever had a romance, Ryan responded as follows:

“I mean, maybe when I was younger and single.”

“They [the fans] are insane,” she added. They’re just like, you know, Quincy and I have fan pages, and Keith and I have fan pages. And they occasionally appear on all of our pages if we post a photo of Keith and me or if Quincy posts a photo of him and me.”

Ryan was obviously dating someone else at the time, making it impossible for her and Quincy to have other relationships outside of the movie set.

Quincy’s last relationship rumour was with Ryan Destiny. As a result, he’s been single since 2016.

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Quincy Brown and Kourtney Kardashian Looked Comfortable with Each Other

Quincy had a busy year in 2016. Because, in addition to his meteoric rise in Star, he was rumoured to be dating not only her co-star but also one of the Kardashian family’s most famous members, Kourtney Kardashian.

In April 2016, Quincy and Kourtney were spotted out to dinner in West Hollywood, which sparked the rumour. Quincy was a passenger in the photo while Kourtney was driving. Not only that, but they laughed together and seemed at ease in each other’s company.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be just another rumour in Quincy’s life. According to a reliable source, Quincy and Kourtney’s relationship is “strictly platonic.”

Who is Quincy Brown's Wife Facts About His Dating History

Quincy had a good relationship with the Kardashian sisters, so it made sense if he spent a lot of time with Kourtney. However, Quincy did not appear to be interested in pursuing a serious relationship with Kourtney.

Another Relationship With His Co-stars Quincy Brown and Keke Palmer

It’s no secret that some actors find it difficult not to fall in love with their co-stars. We’ve discussed how Quincy and Ryan Destiny were shipped together following their appearance in Star. The same thing happened in 2015.

Quincy’s romance with his co-star Keke Palmer began while they were filming Brotherly Love in 2015.

Who is Quincy Brown's Wife Facts About His Dating History

This turned out to be another of Quincy’s “mere rumour” stories, dear readers. Besides, Keke lives her life in the same way that Quincy does: she never addresses any relationship news about herself.

As a result, Keke and Quincy’s relationship remained a mystery, and neither of them denied it.

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Kelly Osbourne and Quincy Brown

A year before Quincy and Keke Palmer were linked, the Star actor was linked to Fashion Police and So Undercover star Kelly Osbourne.

The rumour began when Quincy posted a photo of himself with Kelly on Instagram, which he later deleted. However, Us Magazine was able to obtain the photo’s caption.

“With the wonderfully eccentric @kellyosbourne!” As the caption, Quincy wrote. We’re not sure why he deleted the post if he didn’t have a serious relationship with her, but the photo alone drew a lot of attention from his fans and the media.

Who is Quincy Brown's Wife Facts About His Dating History

According to one of our sources, Quincy and Kelly used to hook up. Kelly had “a lot of fun” with Quincy even though she was single at the time.

“She’s recently been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend. It’s not serious, but he’s hot, and she’s madly in love with him!”

Aside from the news of Quincy hooking up with Kelly, there wasn’t much information available about their relationship. Quincy had been having a great time pursuing short-term pleasure with these celebrities.

Quincy and Amber Rose’s Relationship Facts

Nonetheless, the same year Quincy and Kelly Osbourne began dating, his name was linked to another A-lister, Amber Rose. She is a well-known model who has been on the big screen for as long as we can remember.

Quincy and Amber appeared to be very into each other, and their fans couldn’t help but root for them to get serious. Amber, on the other hand, dismissed the rumour, claiming that she and Quincy were “extremely close friends.”

Who is Quincy Brown's Wife Facts About His Dating History

“I’ve known Quincy since before I met Wiz. “Quincy is my baby, but he’s not my bae,” the model admitted in a 2014 interview.

Unfortunately, the girl rumoured to be Quincy’s girlfriend had a boyfriend – yet again. And, despite the fact that Quincy had been hanging out with a lot of girls who had boyfriends, he seemed to be free of any juicy drama and love triangle. He’s undoubtedly our man.

Unfortunately, this concludes our examination of Quincy Brown’s relationships. We haven’t found an official girlfriend yet, and we can only hope that Quincy will find someone soon.


What is Quincy Brown’s Age?

31 years (June 4, 1991)

Who is Quincy Brown married to?

Quincy Brown is unmarried.

Did Keke Palmer and Quincy Brown Have a Relationship?

Quincy Brown

Keke and Quincy were said to have dated on and off between October 2013 and January 2017. They appeared together in the 2015 film Brotherly Love.

Where is Quincy Brown Now?

The city of Los Angeles

Quincy was named after his godfather, music legend Quincy Jones, and was born in New York to Km Porter and Al B. Sure. Born in Columbus, Georgia, and raised in Los Angeles before being adopted by Sean “Diddy” Combs. He attended Calabasas High School and now lives in Los Angeles.

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