Who is Musical Star MattyBRaps Dating? Click Here to Know, About His Previous Girlfriends!


Matthew David Morris, commonly known as MattyBRaps, is a musician and rapper who received worldwide popularity after publishing his cover of Justin Bieber’s Eenie Meenie on YouTube.

His name and career in the music industry have grown dramatically since then, and his YouTube channel has topped one billion views.

Matty B rose to prominence after appearing on various television shows, including Today, The Wendy Williams Show, and The Queen Latifah Show.

Matty’s love life seemed to have captured people’s attention rather than his musical career.

Quick Facts

Full Name Matthew David Morris
Date of Birth January 6, 2003
Age 20
Married/Single Single
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Rapper, and Youtuber
Relationship Status: single
Net Worth $3 million

Matty B and Liv Shumbres: Were They Dating?

Unlike many of his classmates who rose to prominence at an early age, Matty does not want to capitalize on his personal life. Instead, he prefers to keep his love life private and out of the spotlight.

We can’t find any evidence of Matty dating anyone on his Instagram. But it doesn’t imply he doesn’t have a love life.

Matty’s most recent girlfriend was rumored to be Liv Shumbres, a renowned YouTuber, in 2016. In 2016, Liv and Matty collaborated, and she participated in one of Matty’s songs.

Who is Musical Star MattyBRaps Dating? Click Here to Know, About His Previous Girlfriend

However, the two had never dated and had remained working colleagues as well as lifelong closest friends. And, given Liv and Matty’s age, we can assume that a serious relationship isn’t something they want to focus on right now.

Matty B and Jojo Siwa’s Relationship

In 2015, Matty B was the subject of yet another rumor. This time, it was with Jojo Siwa, a well-known dancer, singer, actor, and YouTuber. She is also well known for her two seasons on Dance Moms.

Jojo and Matty were thought to be dating after collaborating on a YouTube project, but the two never acknowledged their relationship.

The rumor died after Matty B and Jojo Siwa remained silent about the situation. Six years later, it’s safe to say the rumor was false, as Jojo acknowledged that she was gay.

According to the Daily Mail, Jojo discovered she had been interested in women since she was 12 years old because she didn’t find intimate moments with males intriguing.

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Gracie Haschak and Matty B Created a Perfect Song: Did It Become Romantic?

In the same year that Matty B and Jojo Siwa were supposed to be dating, many media outlets reported that Matty B was dating another well-known dancer and singer, Gracie Haschak.

We know you’re hoping for a real romance this time because we’ve never heard of MattyBRaps having a meaningful or official relationship.

Unfortunately, reality does not always correspond to our expectations, do you agree? Gracie and Matty’s relationship was strictly professional.

Who is Musical Star MattyBRaps Dating Click Here to Know, About His Previous Girlfriend

They’ve been working together since 2015, and their bond has grown stronger over time. Their first song, Friend Zone, was published in 2016 and has been streamed about 4,000,000 times.

Gracie and Matty, on the other hand, welcomed the rumor about their love life because it could help raise their renown (not intentionally, because they have talent, of course), but a little hearsay wouldn’t hurt.

However, because their rumor was never disputed or proven, they leave the interpretation to their fans and the media. We all agree that that was a wise choice.

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What Became of MattyBRaps and Ivey Meeks?

Matty B was said to have dated a woman who partnered with him in 2014. This time, it was with Ivey Meeks, a singer and social media influencer with nearly 65,000 Instagram followers.

Unfortunately, Ivey Meeks had never spoken of his friendship with Matty B. Their rumor died as soon as it began.

Matty B, as is his wont, never tries to clarify any of his romance rumors. He is constantly working to grow his YouTube audience and improve his musical abilities. We support someone who focuses on what he enjoys and is not sidetracked by things that are essential to him, right?

As we can see from Matty’s Instagram, he doesn’t appear to care about his love life. Because he was so private about everything, it’s natural for all of his fans to wonder who is the lucky female who could steal his heart.

Kate Cadogan is Matty B’s Only Official Girlfriend

Matty B had a real relationship with Kate Cadogan in 2013 when he was still a child.

Kate Cadogan isn’t in the entertainment world like Matty, but she’s also not an everyday girl. Kate is a popular Influencer as well as a competitive cheerleader and pageant model. Although Kate is a talented young lady with much to offer, she catapulted to prominence after dating Matty B in 2013.

Not only that, but Kate also appears in two of Matty B’s singles, Hooked on You and Matty’s cover of OutKast’s Ms. Jackson.

Kate and Matty began dating in June 2013, however, there was no information on how long they were together.

Who is Musical Star MattyBRaps Dating Click Here to Know, About His Previous Girlfriend

According to rumors Their relationship lasted less than a year, yet it ended amicably because Kate and Matty remain excellent friends.

Another Rumour Involving a Well-known Social Media Influencer: Simone Simmons

We recognize that one true romance isn’t enough, and you guys want Matty B to have a more committed relationship.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, Matty is still young, and he does not want anything to stand in the way of his profession.

According to multiple sources, Matty was also involved with social media influencer Simone Simmons.

However, there was insufficient evidence to satisfy us that Simone and Matty were a couple at the time.

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All the Facts You Need to Know About Matty B and CeCe

Last but not least, another unconfirmed allegation about Matty B’s love life, this time involving another well-known YouTuber named Cece. But, like his romance with Simone Simmons, there was insufficient evidence of their romance, and we rarely find romantic images of them together on the internet.

We understand if you give up on learning more about Matty B’s romance at this point because he knows his priorities.

Despite posting videos of his daily life on his YouTube account, Matty B never lets a relationship rumor or hot news about him become the focus of his character. It simply adds to our affection for Matty B.

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