Who is Phoebe Tonkin’s Boyfriend? Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!


Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin is an Australian actress. She is most known for her roles as Cleo Sertori in H2O: Just Add Water, Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow, When the War Began, Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, and Hayley Marshall in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals on The CW.

Her beauty and talent not only captivate the crowd, but also many Hollywood celebrities! Phoebe Tonkin is one of those celebrities that has a long line of partners and ex-lovers. More will be mentioned in this section!

When Did Phoebe Tonkin Begin Dating Alex Greenwald?

Phoebe Tonkin stunned fans by uploading a sweet photo of herself with her new boyfriend, Phantom Planet musician Alex Greenwald.

In 2020, she made their romance public on Instagram by publishing a photo of the two kissing while wearing masks.

Definitely a timely warning in the midst of the pandemic!

Fans’ concerns about their connection were verified after Alex’s Instagram image showed Phoebe laying on the bed wearing his band’s shirt.

Phoebe and Alex appeared to relate to their unsuccessful previous relationship, in which they spent a long time with someone they weren’t meant to be.

Who is Phoebe Tonkin's Boyfriend? Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!

After her 2017 breakup with long-term boyfriend Paul Wesley, Phoebe found love in Alex, while Alex dated Phoebe a year after his failed engagement to Brie Larson.

We can only hope for Phoebe and Alex’s happy ever after!

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Why Did Phoebe Tonkin Split From Ex-Boyfriend Paul Wesley?

All The Vampire Diaries viewers surely recall the incredible excitement we all had when Phoebe Tonkin and Paul Wesley began dating off-screen.

Phoebe and Paul met on the set of The Vampire Diaries, where Phoebe joined the cast ensemble for the fourth season. The couple was first seen together many months after Paul announced his divorce from Torrey DeVitto.

Unfortunately, the romance did not last. When Phoebe and Paul split up, fans were crushed. A source told fans that, while they were no longer romantically linked, Phoebe and Paul “are still excellent friends.”

Who is Phoebe Tonkin's Boyfriend Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!

However, the couple startled many people when they were photographed shopping with their hands interlaced in May 2017, two months after they allegedly broke up.

Phoebe and Paul “began hooking together” shortly after their divorce but eventually chose to “remain friendly.”

Here is Phoebe Tonkin’s Most Famous Boyfriend

Phoebe Tonkin emerged shortly after her divorce from Xavier Samuel and was linked to the infamous Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Because both celebrities are well-known for having a long list of ex-lovers, many people wondered whether their relationship was serious or just a hookup.

Who is Phoebe Tonkin's Boyfriend Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!

Neither Phoebe nor Joseph discussed their connection publicly. Furthermore, Phoebe was later linked to actor Chris Zylka, while Joseph was spotted on a basketball date with model Meighan Bennett, so it’s safe to say that it was a good relationship while it lasted!

Another Suspected Boyfriend of Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin starred in the 2012 horror disaster film Bait 3D. However, it appeared that she had not only landed a party but also a new boyfriend!

Yes, Phoebe began dating her co-star Xavier Samuel shortly after production began.

Unfortunately, the romance only lasted a few months before Phoebe began dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Xavier began seeing actress Emily Browning.

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When Did Phoebe Tonkin and Ex-boyfriend Ed Westwick Split?

When Phoebe Tonkin and Ed Westwick were spotted strolling around Los Angeles in 2011, they sparked dating rumors.

They didn’t show any PDA, not even holding hands, but some speculated that it was their way of keeping things low-key.

Their relationship, if it existed at all, did not survive long. A year later, Phoebe and Ed apparently split up.

Who is Phoebe Tonkin's Boyfriend? Her Current Relationship Status Revealed!

Neither party disclosed the cause for the breakup, although a source claimed that the couple was simply on a fling.

Who Was Phoebe Tonkin’s First Famous Boyfriend?

Phoebe Tonkin has a hefty dating resume, but her first love is someone you might not expect. Tom Felton was the beauty’s first celebrity boyfriend!

Yes, Phoebe is one of the ladies who is drawn to Tom’s bad-guy character. The couple’s relationship was initially publicized in 2006.

While they never acknowledged or refuted the claims, admirers were able to obtain vintage photos of Phoebe and Tom, which confirmed their suspicions.

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