Who Is Adam DiMarco’s Partner? Was Sydney Scotia Adam’s First and Only Girlfriend?


Adam DiMarco is a Canadian actor who rose to prominence after appearing in the Syfy series The Magicians from 2016 to 2020. Adam has since appeared in a slew of blockbusters, including Netflix’s The Order and HBO’s The White Lotus.

Many people will agree that Adam DiMarco is the most beautiful man alive in this decade. Just take a look at his Instagram page to see what we mean.

However, Adam’s Instagram profile also indicated how discreet he is about his personal life, with no indication of him dating anyone. We’ll gather all of the details here.

Was Sydney Scotia Adam’s First and Only Girlfriend?

Adam has always been open about his filmographies and careers in interviews. However, we can see that Adam DiMarco makes every effort to keep his personal life, particularly his romance, private.

Adam has never been a man who enjoys fooling around in his work. Sure, he was linked to a few actresses, but none of them worked out.

Adam’s absence from relationship news sparked speculation that he was gay. We shall delve deeper into this subject later. But don’t worry, we know why you’ve come here.

First, let’s go over all of the women in Adam’s life. Adam acknowledged to What She Said in February 2021 that he used to date Sydney Scotia near the start of the epidemic.

Who Is Adam DiMarco's Partner? Was Sydney Scotia Adam's First and Only Girlfriend?

They met on Recess: Third Street and little did anyone know that their romance would extend beyond the screen.

For them, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. Adam remarked that the epidemic had brought them closer together because it allowed them to spend more time together outside of their hectic filming schedule.

Unfortunately, Adam merely revealed that information to the public. We have no idea how long Adam and Sydney were together or why they were separated.

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Sydney appeared to share Adam’s personality without disclosing too much about her personal life. Indeed, we attract what we are.

Adam and Sydney were unlikely to be together in 2022 because there was no sign of their relationship whatsoever – let alone on both of their social media accounts.

Adam hasn’t dated anyone else since, and he has refocused his job ambitions.

Adam and Sarah Grey’s Rumor

Adam seemed to prefer dating his co-star. Aside from Sydney Scotia, he was thought to be dating Sarah Grey, his co-star in The Order.

Sarah was well-known for her roles in Power Rangers and Once Upon a Time, in addition to her work with Adam.

Adam never mentioned her in any of his interviews this time, so his followers assumed it was just a rumor. We also don’t know where or how the rumor about Sarah and Adam began in the first place.

The two had never met in public, and we don’t need to bring up her absence from Adam’s social media.

Who Is Adam DiMarco's Partner? Was Sydney Scotia Adam's First and Only Girlfriend?

There is also no evidence of him and Sarah Grey being together on the internet. It was odd because, unlike Adam, Sarah had always been candid about her relationship. For example, she frequently blogs about her current boyfriend, JP Anthony.

Her Instagram is full of photographs of her with him. And, given the lack of proof between Sarah and Adam, it’s easy to infer that Sarah and Adam’s romance never transpired.

We’d be happy if it was because Sarah and Adam will be one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood history.

She Broke Up With Adam: What Happened Between Them? Tweeted Kacey Rohl

Adam and fellow Canadian actress Kacey Rohl were believed to be dating in 2013. Kacey is a well-known writer most known for her role in The Killing, Prudence.

People and the media, on the other hand, had a good reason to want them to be together because it all started when Kacey referred to Adam as her “lover” on social media.

Kacey tweeted, “broke up with my bf, Adam DiMarco,” on September 23rd, 2013. The tweet did not go viral, but it drew the attention of the media, as well as Kacey and Adam’s fans.

Who Is Adam DiMarco's Partner Was Sydney Scotia Adam's First and Only Girlfriend

Kacey didn’t leave it there. She posted a selfie of herself and Adam on Instagram on May 4, 2014. “Adam & Evil @adamdimarco,” she captioned it. However, the caption should not have been misconstrued as Adam & Evil because neither of them appeared in the film.

There should have been more detail on how Kacey and Adam met in the first place—but the fact that Kacey didn’t delete that post until now implies that the pair are still good friends.

Because they treasured their good relationship as friends to themselves, neither of them tried to explain the rumor. Don’t we adore these unbothered couples?

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Was Adam Dimarco Gay? All the Facts You Must Know

We’re afraid that’s the end of Adam’s list of female lovers. Because he has never been in a meaningful relationship, the media and his fans have speculated about his sexuality. Adam is gay, according to many news outlets.

Was that the truth, or was it just a frantic attempt to provide any information about Adam’s personal life?

Unlike Adam’s typically calm and unbothered attitude, this gossip began to grate on his nerves. He didn’t keep quiet like he usually does; instead, Adam revealed to the media what he was really about.

Adam said that he has always been straight at the 2019 Met Gala. Not only that, but because his dress at the Met Gala was used as proof that he was gay, Adam claimed that he just tried to match the concept of the Met Gala and that it had nothing to do with his sexuality.

Regardless of his clarification, Adam stated that he respects and has always supported the LGBTQ community. He was aware that his clarification could be interpreted as “against” the LGBTQ community by the paparazzi and the media, so he made it clear from the start. Isn’t he brilliant?

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