Does Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz Dead in the Earthquake? Is This Story Fake or Real? 


Because of his interesting dance moves, Cengiz has gained popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Yasin is from Turkey and works as a social media influencer after previously working in the construction industry for several years.

Yasin rose to prominence after a video of him performing a belly dance on Skibidi dub dub yes yes became viral on TikTok.

The video swiftly gained popularity in Turkey, and he began uploading other videos to the platform.

The social media personality is claimed to be deceased as a result of the terrible earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. Let us explore what happened.

Yasin Cengiz, the famous “Skibidi dub dub yes yes” person, is well-known on Tiktok. According to speculations, Yasin Cengiz died in the earthquake.

Does Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz Dead in the Earthquake?

Yasin Cengiz did not die in an earthquake. People assumed he died because he was from Turkey, which had recently had a big earthquake.

Misinformation can readily spread and fool people due to social media’s prominence as a news source. This happened to Yasin, the victim of death hoaxes.

The Turkish media figure is famous for his hilarious dance movements and is a TikTok star, content developer, performer, and entrepreneur on social media.

Yasin is known as the “Tummy Dancer” because of his characteristic dance step.


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He has a large fan base on TikTok, with over 7 million followers. He’s active on social media and frequently publishes videos of himself dancing.

Cengiz released a video of himself dancing in the snow around a week ago, and he was recently seen dancing next to a man making a large pot of soup.

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More on Skibidi Bop Guy’s Death Fake Story

False information about Yasin Cengiz’s death has recently spread on TikTok, leading people to believe that the influencer has died.

This misinformation includes manipulated photographs of a funeral and a video montage with the message “RIP YASIN CENGIZ”. However, this is not the case.

This is not Yasin’s first experience with a death fake. In January 2023, a fake report saying that he died of a heart attack quickly spread on social media.

Does Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz Dead in the Earthquake Where is Yasin Cengiz Right Now 

This revelation led many people to believe Yasin had died, prompting an outpouring of grief for his family.

It was eventually determined, however, that the story of Yasin’s death was false and that he was still alive.

Where is Tiktok Star Yasin Cengiz Right Now? 

Nobody knows whether the TikTok star is taking a break or is on his way to releasing another popular video.

It’s also possible that Cengiz isn’t feeling up to filming a joyful video because his country is in such trouble.

He’ll be back in no time, as everyone is concerned about his well-being and whereabouts.

Yasin’s popularity increased after his videos went viral on social media, inspiring many individuals to incorporate them into their own videos.

He earned additional attention when he was invited to CZN Burak’s restaurant, which is run by a well-known Turkish chef.

CZN Burak published Yasin’s video on Instagram following the visit, gaining a global audience and enhancing Yasin’s fame.

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