Did Chloe Veitch of “The Perfect Match” Really Get Plastic Surgery? What’s Wrong With Her Teeth?


Chloe Veitch is a beautiful and talented English model and media personality. In 2018, she was crowned Miss Supertalent.

Veitch rose to prominence after appearing in two successful reality television shows, “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle.”

She is now preparing to feature on Netflix’s The Perfect Match. The show will be accessible on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, with fresh episodes released each week until February 28th.

Why is Chloe Veitch’s plastic surgery making headlines? Is it true that the English model had her face altered?

Continue reading to find out all of the answers.

Quick Facts

Full Name Chloe Veitch
Date of Birth March 6, 1999
Age 23 Yrs
Birth Place Essex, United Kingdom
Marital Status single
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Weight 58 kg
Nationality British
Profession model, influencer
Net Worth $1.5 million

Did Chloe Veitch of “The Perfect Match” Really Get Plastic Surgery?

No, Chloe Veitch has not had plastic surgery. She is a talented young model from Essex, England, who is noted for her natural and charming attractiveness.

Despite the fact that her performance on Too Hot to Handle was not what everyone expected, she surprised the audience with her upbeat and lively nature.


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Chloe was noted throughout the series for her strong sense of humor and propensity to be foolish and have a good time, making her a joy to watch on screen.

In terms of surgery and change, Veitch stands out as the Too Hot To Handle (THTH) cast’s natural beauty.

Everyone admires her slim build, healthy breasts, cheerful personality, and simple manner with people.

Chloe Veitch’s Teeth: What’s Wrong With Them?

Chloe Veitch’s teeth are in perfect condition. Her entire set of teeth is visible since she grins when smiling, which may have drawn the attention of netizens.

The stunning English beauty has previous modeling experience, having won Top Model U.K. at the age of 21.

She previously told about her experience on the Netflix episode “Too Hot to Handle,” in which she expressed guilt over wearing heavy makeup.

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Chloe Veitch expressed regret for previously depending on heavy makeup.

She also claimed to spend up to 90 minutes perfecting her cosmetics. The model admitted that she has learned to appreciate her own natural beauty.

Veitch says she was insecure at the time and wanted to look beautiful, but she now likes to go without makeup and is confident in her own skin.

More Information On “The Perfect Match” Cast

Perfect Match is a new dating show that puts together competitors from some of Netflix’s most famous dating shows in the hopes of finding their ideal match.

Chloe is one of the cast members of Netflix’s upcoming reality show, Perfect Match, which features various competitors from past dating shows.

Previously on THTH, Chloe’s performance earned her a big social media following and improved her visibility in the entertainment world.

Is Chloe Veitch's "The Perfect Match" Plastic Surgery Real? What's Wrong With Her Teeth?

Chloe and the other candidates on the show were charged with maintaining a celibate lifestyle while participating in various activities and challenges.

Veitch’s lively and effervescent personality, as well as her relationships with the other participants, helped her become a popular character on the show.

It also helped her gain a large social media following and create a name for herself in the music industry.

The model and media personality is excited to work her magic again in this next episode.

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How Did Chloe Veitch Become Popular?

Veitch was a co-winner in Netflix’s first Too Hot To Handle series. She was also elected runner-up and received the “Fan Favorite” award during The Circle’s second season.

Is Chloe Veitch Dating Anyone?

Jody Latham, 39, of Shameless, is dating Chloe Veitch, 23, of Too Hot To Handle. Jody Latham, the shameless actor, is dating Chloe Veitch, the Too Hot To Handle reality personality.

What Did Chloe Earn From Too Hot to Handle?

(She had flings with Kori, Bryce, and David, but nothing serious.) However, she went away with a $7,500 share of the $75,000 top prize and a lasting friendship with fellow contender Nicole O’Brien.

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